RC Emotes - Games of Chance


RC Emotes – Games of Chance gives your game 3 new ways to connect with and interact with other players and the world around you in a more meaningful way.


  • Provides a set of 3 Game-of-Chance Emotes for your MMORPG
  • When you indicate another nearby player (such as /coin joe), you perform the emote on that player. He sees a notification, you see a notification, and nearby players see a notification. If no other player is indicated, the Emote happens to yourself.
  • Emotes are "seeable" only by nearby Players
  • Emote triggers animation of the same name
  • Simple installation
  • Adds a social aspect to your MMORPG

The Emotes contained in this pack:
*(targetName) is optional:

  1. /coin (targetName)
    Flips a coin and reports the results.

  2. /rock (targetName)
    Shoots Rock, Paper, or Scissors and reports the results.

  3. /roll (targetName)
    Rolls a 100-sided die and reports the results
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