CyborgPrime Games NFT Roadmap

CyborPrime Games NFT Roadmap

We need an NFT Project Roadmap to help us get from here to our destination and to help us track progress along the way.

CyborPrime Games NFT Roadmap

 A new area of space has been discovered - we call it, "NFT Space".

We must learn all we can about this new phenomenon, reach out to new diplomatic contacts, and explore this new zone for opportunities.

Stardate 2208.28
NFT Space Detected- NFT Space was discovered on long-range sensors.  Plotted a course to investigate.
Scanning NFT Space and Deploying Survey Probes- Studied YouTube videos and web articles on a variety of NFT topics.


Phase I

Stardate 2208.30
Establish Diplomatic Contacts- Connect with NFT communities and make contacts on OpenSea Discord server and NFTs World Discord server.

Stardate 2209.1
Exploratory Mission- Created procedural art and wrote a program for procedural naming convention.  Posted "When We're Gone", a collection of 21 post-apocalyptic art pieces on OpenSea.

Stardate 2209.3
Open Communications Channel: Website- Deployed NFT Section to the existing site.

Stardate 2209.6
Open Communications Channel: Discord Server- Deployed new NFT channel on existing CyborgPrime Games Discord server.
Open Communications Channel: Twitter- Deployed new Twitter account @CyborgPrimeNFTS

Stardate 2209.11
Science Officer Reports: Researching NFT utilities, Captain.

Stardate 2209.13
Deploy Unlockable Content: Added link to high-resolution source file 2560 x 1536, suitable for desktop wallpaper or printing to first 7 test listings.  If all goes well, with the first 7, the rest of the collection will be opened up for sale.
NFT Officer Reports: Setting Creator Earnings at 7.5%, Captain.

Stardate 2209.13
First 7 Pieces Listed For Sale- Listed items 1-7 of the When We're Gone Collection on OpenSea

Stardate 2209.20
Science Officer Reports: Research complete- we have successfully integrated CORE with our NFT collection.
Science Officer Reports: Began the development of a new NFT Gallery metaspace in our holodeck.

Stardate ????.?
First Piece Sold- STANDBY

Stardate ????.?
First 7 Pieces Sold- STANDBY

Stardate ????.?
First Collection Sold- STANDBY


Phase II



Phase III



What Do You Think?

This is our planned course through NFT Space, plotted by our Astrogator.  Where do you think we should go next?

Share your opinions in the Comments section - I'd love to hear your opinion about how we can add value to our NFTs.


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