Classic Far Trader Deck Plans [FREE!]

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Classic Far Trader Deck Plans [FREE!]

Virtual tabletop gaming is becoming increasingly popular.  This is the first of my new line of ship deck plans compatible with the system.

Each map contains full-color detailed deck plans of starships, shuttles, starbases, outposts, colonies, and more.  Efforts will be made to duplicate the classic sci-fi starships, as well as presenting a new line of ship designs for use with, Cepheus Engine, and other classic sci-fi RPG’s. 

I will also be offering themed furniture and accessories to decorate your maps in future editions.

Grab premium deck plans here: Pioneer-Class Scout Starship Deck Plans for Roll20 & VTT.

Please enjoy!  If you like this map and use it, please leave a kind comment.  This set of deck plans is absolutely free!


Included in this package:
- 3 Full-color deck plans - one for each deck - scaled for use in roll20
- 1 B&W GM Key
- 1 ReadMe containing instructions for installing the maps in roll20

Check out a preview on YouTube:


If you like this set of illustrated deckplans, you'll LOVE the hi-resolution, 3D rendered rendered interiors on our premium versions.

Each set of starship deck plans comes with a furnished and partially unfurnished version in both grid and non-grid format.  This gives you the flexibility to use it as a battlemap or as a home base that your players can decorate and customize.

Check out the Pioneer-Class Scout Starship Deck Plans for Roll20 & VTT.

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