Realm Crafter Emotes Pack: 17 Emotes For Your RC Game

Need more emotes for your Realm Crafter game?  Try this easy plugin!

Massive Multi-user Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) evolved from the online chatrooms of the 1980s.

Back then, people would join text-based MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons/Dimensions) to socialize. These early chatrooms were themed according to different genres and usually featured a location-based map. Players could "move" from place to place and interact with each other and the virtual world by typing short commands such as "move west", "drop sword", "fight bandit", etc.

When more than one player occupied the same in-game location, the computer would inform the players that they could see each other. Players were then free to chat, trade, fight, and so forth. Players could form "parties" of adventurers and move together through the virtual world, completing quests, fighting monsters, and gathering treasure. But something was missing.

Players wanted a richer interactive experience with each other, and that is when the "Emote" was born.

Emote is short for "Emotion" and it has been used as a way to describe things a player can do within the game realm to express themselves. Players "wave", "kiss", "hug", and "cheer" for each other as they show off, console, or congratulate one-another for in-game or even real-life accomplishments or tribulations.

My love of MMORPGs got me involved with Realm Crafter. I realized that Realm Crafter games needed more player interaction options, so I developed this collection of in-game emotes which you can install as a plug-in for your own game.

This video includes complete instructions on how to install the RC Emotes plugin for Realm Crafter.

If you enjoy this, you might enjoy my book, the Realm Crafter User's Guide.

You can find more info about Realm Crafter on the Realm Crafter Community Forums.

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