RC Emotes - Basic Emotes Plugin For Your Realm Crafter Game

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Modern MMORPG’s are relatives of the old chat rooms and early internet MUD’s. They are basically virtual places to hang out and interact with other people in a social way. Some of the people might be friends in real life; others might be people you meet in-game because you happen to play online at the same time. In order for an MMORPG to be more social, we need ways to communicate our feelings and desires with other players. Think of Emotes as emojis.

RC Emotes – Basic Emotes gives your game 17 new ways to connect with and interact with other players and the world around you in a more meaningful way.

- Provides a basic set of 17 Emotes for your MMORPG
- When you indicate another nearby player (such as /agree joe), you perform the emote on that player. He sees a notification, you see a notification, and nearby players see a notification. If no other player is indicated, the Emote happens to yourself.
- Emotes are "seeable" only by nearby Players
- Emote triggers animation of the same name
- Simple installation
- Adds a social aspect to your MMORPG


The Emotes contained in this pack:
1. /agree
2. /apologize
3. /beg
4. /bow
5. /clap
6. /comfort
7. /cry
8. /dance
9. /disagree
10. /forgive
11. /giggle
12. /nod
13. /salute
14. /smile
15. /taunt
16. /thank
17. /wave

How Does it Work?

RC Emotes works by targeting an NPC, another nearby player, or no player then typing the "slash-command".

For example, let's say I am the player, and I target another player, "Ralph".

When I type /agree
My chat window displays: You agree with Ralph.
Ralph's chat window displays: CyborgPrime agrees with you.
Players standing nearby will see: CyborgPrime agrees with Ralph.

If no other player or actor is selected, the emote happens to you: CyborgPrime agrees with everybody.

Detailed installation instructions can be found here:

* This product requires the free RealmCrafter MMORPG Engine Community Edition

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