I am highly impressed with these cards. They are very high quality, much better than I was expecting! I highly recommend them. Very original ideas for damage and fun and easy to use!!

Card Decks

We publish a line of sci-fi RPG expansion cards and currently have an original card game under development.

Expansion Decks

We have converted our popular What’s Wrong With The Ship starship damage tables into a deck of cards for portability and easy storage and use.

Each deck of quality poker-sized cards contains 72 starship malfunctions unique to this product (these are not reprinted content from the What’s Wrong With The Ship tables).

Our card decks are printed on demand at DriveThruCards or DriveThruRPGs printing facilities and sent to you hot off the presses!

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Why drain your brain when you can use our deck of high-quality cards to enhance your game today?

Grab a copy from one of our Printing Partners and add Starship Malfunctions to your sci-fi RPG collection now!