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cyborgprime cosmic drifter

Cosmic Drifter: A Traveller-Inspired Video Game

Have you ever wanted to play a Traveller-inspired video game? Check out this little sci-fi JRPG video game I'm working on.

cyborgprime games and 2D Storyteller launch new partnership for VTT content

CyborgPrime Games And 2D Storyteller Launch New Partnership

During these extraordinary times, more and more people are turning to virtual tabletop programs (VTT) to help facilitate their weekly gaming sessions in a socially-distant way.  CyborgPrime Games and 2D Storyteller now join forces to provide quality VTT content to players and GMs!

Cosmic Drifter Demo Walk-Through title image

Cosmic Drifter Demo Walk-Through

I wanted to play a Traveller-ish video game, so I made one!  Here is a demo/proof-of-concept for a little project I call "Cosmic Drifter"; a Traveller-inspired RPG video game.

Gaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Starter Ship Title

Gaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Starter Ship

You are ready to start your career as a space-faring adventurer and you want to buy your first ship.  What is your favorite type of starship for starting your career as a Traveller?

Favorite Traveller Skills title image

Gaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Skills

When it comes to crunch time space-faring travelers depend on their skills to get the job done.  What are your MUST-HAVE Traveller Skills?

Gaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Birthworld Trade Codes title image

Gaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Birthworld Trade Codes

Everybody comes from somewhere. Where do your Traveller characters typically hail from? Tell us about your favorite Birthworld in this survey.

traveller themed video game feature requirements

Gaming Survey: What Would You Expect In A Traveller-inspired Video Game?

Imagine the ideal Traveller video game.  If you could pick and choose your favorite aspects from any edition, what would it be like?  Tell me about your perfect Traveller-inspired video game.

cyborgprime imageGaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Careers title

Gaming Survey: Favorite Traveller Careers

Traveller has some great Careers to choose from.  What is YOUR favorite career to play in Traveller?  Let me know in this gaming survey.

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Easy Ways To Help Support Your Favorite Content Creator

Wish there was more quality sci-fi gaming content in the world?  There are ways you can help independent content creators, without spending a penny.  Check out all the easy ways you can help support sci-fi RPG content creation!

How To Roll d66 Using Common 6-Sided Dice video

How To Roll d66 Using Common 6-Sided Dice

Not sure what d66 is or how to use it?  Check out these simple instructions on how to generate 36 numbers using just a regular 6-sided die.

New Release: HR Dept v4- d66 Interstellar Naval Personnel cover

New Release: HR Dept v4- d66 Interstellar Naval Personnel

Need pre-rolled characters for NPCs, new players, or pick-up games?  Check out our newest release in the HR Dept series: d66 Interstellar Naval Personnel

play traveller online - roll20 virtual tabletop basics

Play Traveller Online - Roll20 App Virtual Tabletop Basics

You’re new to Roll20 and can’t figure out how to do anything or what you are even looking at. In this video, I will present the basics of the 4 major areas of the Roll20 App virtual tabletop interface.

eve online the best sci-fi mmorpg

EVE Online: The Definitive Sci-Fi MMORPG

Explore the vastness of space with thousands of other players on a single persistent server.  Join me on EVE Online now.