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For use with classic sci-fi RPG games and virtual tabletop.

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Maps, Starship Deck Plans, and Diagrams

Check out our line of Roll20 Maps and Foundry VTT Maps.

Our unique starship deck plans provide a way to visualize your game environment. Great for use when the characters are exploring an abandoned alien settlement, using their ship as a base of operations, or repelling an enemy boarding-party.

These high-quality maps, diagrams, and starship deck plans are an invaluable expansion to your virtual tabletop game.

Players can tell, at a glance, how much space is left in the cargo hold, where other players and NPCs are, what condition their surroundings are in, and more.

Move your character tokens around their virtual home, a starship custom-decorated by your players. All of our maps feature dynamic lighting for Roll20 Plus and Pro users.

Starship Deck Plans, Maps, and Diagrams

Sci-Fi RPG Tabletop
Expansion Tables

Do you need to generate names for NPCs or characters in your game? Looking for a random Interstellar Merchant or Space Marine to round out your next adventure?

Well, search no more! Our handy sci-fi expansion tables feature easy-to-use tables that help you generate details quickly.

Generate a bunch of names then cross them off your list as you use them; never be stuck for a name again!

Generate patrons, background characters, starship malfunctions, science fiction diseases, and more.

Why wrack your brain when you can save time with our sci-fi rpg expansion tables?


the relic - an adventure module for sci-fi rpg vtt roll20

Adventure Modules and Campaigns

Our sci-fi adventure modules are pre-packaged  sets containing stories, characters, locations, maps, equipment, and more.  Use these adventure modules as written, or as inspiration for your own sci-fi adventures at your tabletop or VTT.

Our original sci-fi adventure modules are currently available in digital format for the Roll20 app and coming soon to Fantasy Grounds and PDF.

We save you the prep and effort of writing a cinematic adventure from scratch and provide high-quality supplemental materials as well.

We strive to make our adventure modules compatible with Cepheus Engine, and develop with respect to the  Mongoose Traveller SRD.

Sci-Fi Virtual Conventions

Mayday Mayday Traveller Day Virtual Convention

Sci-Fi RPG Events

Join us for the
4th Annual Mayday Mayday Traveller RPG Day!

Virtual Traveller Convention Online
May 1, 2022

Learn to play Traveller or get back into it!

  • Interviews with content creators
  • Traveller for Charity
  • Learn Squadron Strike: Traveller Edition
  • Traveller one-shot games all weekend
  • Player Panel & Referee Round Table

Card Decks and Card Games

We are developing a line of multiplayer card games and our popular "What's Wrong With The Ship?" sci-fi tabletop expansion tables have been already been converted into a deck of Starship Malfunction cards and a deck of virtual cards for the Roll20 app.

Cards are an easy way to help generate random actions, encounters, damage, treasure, equipment, and even random maps.

Cards are a portable, offline way to conveniently enhance your existing games.

starship malfunction cards

Astounding, Imaginative Fun!

There is so much content in this world. Why not make some of your own content with friends. RPG's are a great old-fashion way to do that. 'Traveller', the great Marc Miller RPG was my first wonderful experience with RPG's. Frank Succardi at CyborgPrime Publishing has created several modules for 'Traveller' that are surprisingly unique and creative. You will recognize the backgrounds and tropes in each module but will be astounded and caught off-guard by the stories. Stories you will be excited to be part of and at the center of. Whether you are the Game Master or one of the adventurers there are plenty of opportunities to put your signature on the events and history of the 'Traveller' universe. Also, do check out the many tables, generators, character lists, and randomizers CyborgPrime Publishing has. Five Stars!

Starship Malfunction Cards

I am highly impressed with these cards. They are very high quality, much better than I was expecting! I highly recommend them. Very original ideas for damage and fun and easy to use!!

The Relic (Adventure Module)

I like the way you set this up. It could be a new episode of Dark Matter or The Expanse.

Starship Deck Plans

I've been looking all over for this. I do hope you create some more as this is awesome. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

The plans look nice, though I acquired them for my wife. I'm sure she'll find them useful, for her Doctor Who game if nothing else.

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Adventure Modules, Starship Deck Plans, Expansion Tables,
and Card Decks for use with classic sci-fi role playing games and virtual tabletop.

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