d66 Random Modern Mixed-Gender Names 1

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d66 Random Modern Mixed-Gender Names is a great time-saving tool for authors, Game Masters, and players.

Use a pair of regular 6-sided dice to generate more than 1290 unique modern, mixed-gender names.

Have you ever drawn a complete blank when your players meet a new NPC and want to know their name?  Have you ever struggled for a name for your new mercenary character for your latest novel? 

Struggle no more! 

This collection of names will help you keep your game moving while coming up with hundreds of unique names for your game.  Make a list of 20 and cross them off as you use them, or make a journal to track their name and who they are in your game.

Whether you are looking for names for your gaming encounters, player characters, NPC’s, or characters in your latest novel, this table of over 1290 random names is the perfect time-saving tool.

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