Sci-Fi RPG Starter Pack [BUNDLE]

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Regular Price: $5.28 Bundle Price: $4.22 each

Everything you need to get started playing classic 2d6 sci-fi RPG's.

Great for use as a fast and easy way to start playing.  Just pick a character and go!

If you are a Game Master, you can use these expansions to populate your sci-fi world.

Includes the following 7 titles:

  1. Humanoid Resources Department Vol 1: d66 Space Marines
  2. Humanoid Resources Dept. Vol 2: d66 Human Interstellar Merchants
  3. What's Wrong with the Ship? Vol 1
  4. d66 Random Modern Female Names
  5. d66 Random Modern Male Names
  6. d66 Random Modern Mixed-Gender Names
  7. Classic Far Trader Deck Plans

Have fun playing instead of fumbling for characters- get started today!

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