|-------------- 12,800 km --------------|

Gas Giant


Not Present

Military Base


Not Present

Navy Base


Not Present

Scout Base


Not Present


Fuel: Unrefined
Small Craft Shipyard


Gravity: 1.0
Comparable to Earth


Exotic (Corrosive)
Xenothallic Acid
Temp: 81C / 178 F
Pressure: 1.0
Vacc Suit Required


60% Water Coverage
Large Oceans


Population Density: Low


Self-perpetuating Oligarchy
A small elite group holds power.


Weapons: No WMD


Industrial Space Age
Fission, Early Computers


Physical Characteristics

The planet, with a diameter of 12,800 km, features Earth-like gravity but is distinguished by its large oceans covering significant portions of the surface. The oceans are tainted by Thalaxen's corrosive atmosphere and could damage your fuel refiner.

The landscape and landmarks of Thalaxen, a planet characterized by its corrosive atmosphere and extreme temperatures, present a unique and challenging environment. This world, with its rugged and often alien terrain, offers a glimpse into the powerful natural forces at play in shaping planetary features. Let's delve into the key aspects of Thalaxen's geography:

Oceanic Dominance

Thalaxen's surface is predominantly covered by vast oceans, which, despite the planet's extreme heat, do not evaporate completely due to the unique chemical composition of the atmosphere that interacts with water, creating a stabilizing effect. These oceans are not only remarkable for their resilience under such conditions but also for the life forms they harbor. Acid-resistant marine life thrives in these waters, hinting at complex ecosystems adapted to the planet's harsh realities.

Rugged Terrain

The landmasses that emerge from these tumultuous seas are equally formidable, comprised of jagged mountains, deep canyons, and expansive plateaus. The continuous erosion caused by acidic rain and the extreme temperature fluctuations contribute to the planet's ever-changing geography. These rugged landscapes are adorned with unique geological formations, from towering spires shaped by the wind to vast caves carved by acidic water, offering shelter and perhaps even resources to those brave enough to explore them.

Landmarks of Note

Among Thalaxen's harsh landscapes, several landmarks stand out, both natural and man-made, that have become beacons for explorers, scientists, and the inhabitants themselves:

  • The Crystal Canyons: A network of canyons whose walls glisten with a variety of crystal formations, a result of the unique mineralogy interacting with the planet's corrosive atmosphere. These canyons are not only a natural wonder but also a source of valuable minerals.

  • The Acid Falls: Perhaps one of the most striking features on Thalaxen, these waterfalls combine the planet's abundant water with its acidic atmosphere to create cascading falls of shimmering, corrosive beauty. They are both a testament to the planet's hostile environment and a mesmerizing natural spectacle.

  • Habitat Domes of New Haven: The largest human settlement on Thalaxen, New Haven, is a collection of domes designed to protect its inhabitants from the outside environment. These structures are marvels of engineering, providing a stark contrast to the natural wilderness, and stand as a testament to human resilience and ingenuity.

  • The Obsidian Plains: Vast fields of volcanic glass formed from ancient lava flows, now cooled and shaped into a shimmering, dark landscape. These plains reflect the planet's volcanic activity and are both a challenge to navigate and a resource for rare minerals.

Environmental Challenges and Opportunities

The landscape of Thalaxen poses significant challenges to both its native life and its human inhabitants. The corrosive atmosphere and extreme heat necessitate special adaptations or protections to survive. Yet, these same challenging conditions also present unique opportunities for scientific research and resource extraction, drawing interest from various sectors across the galaxy.

Exploring and understanding Thalaxen's landscapes and landmarks offer valuable insights into the planet's geology, ecology, and potential for future development. Despite its harshness, Thalaxen holds a certain rugged beauty and a testament to the resilience of life in all its forms.


Society and Culture

Thalaxen's population, numbering in the tens of thousands, is dispersed across habitable zones where protective measures against the planet's extreme conditions—such as domes or underground habitats—are necessary for survival. This dispersion, along with the planet's challenging environment, has led to a society where community cohesion and mutual support are vital for survival. The presence of a ruling noble household overseeing resource extraction efforts adds a hierarchical layer to the societal structure, with the population's welfare and prosperity closely tied to the extraction operations' success and the household's benevolence.


Government and Politics

Thalaxen's government operates as a noble-led oligarchy, where power is concentrated within the ruling noble house that has historical roots extending back to the colony's founding interstellar household. This oligarchy is self-perpetuating, with leadership roles typically inherited or assigned within the noble lineage, ensuring a continuity of governance philosophy and control over the planet's vital resources. The ruling family's ownership of the mega-corporation responsible for resource extraction further cements their economic and political dominance, creating a symbiotic relationship between governmental authority and corporate power.


Economy and Trade

Thalaxen's economy is fundamentally anchored in the extraction of unique minerals and compounds, a direct consequence of its non-industrial status and the distinctive characteristics of its environment. The planet's fluid oceans and subterranean realms are rich in resources that are rare or nonexistent on other worlds, making them highly valuable on the interstellar market. This focus on resource extraction leverages the planet's natural assets, transforming its harsh conditions into an economic strength.

Trade: Integrating with the Interstellar Economy

Thalaxen's primary exports are the unique resources extracted from its oceans and lands. These include rare minerals, exotic compounds, and bio-resources adapted to extreme environments, highly sought after for various technological, medical, and scientific applications across the sector.

The following items are produced on Thalaxen:

  1. Xentherium Crystals: Rare, energy-conducting crystals found only in Thalaxen's deepest oceans, used in advanced power generation and quantum computing.

  2. Thalaxite Alloy: A corrosion-resistant metal alloy developed from minerals unique to Thalaxen, ideal for spacecraft and habitats exposed to harsh environments.

  3. Bio-Adaptive Fabrics: Textiles engineered from native flora and fauna, capable of adapting to environmental conditions, providing insulation or breathability as needed.

  4. Catalytic Spores: Microorganisms from Thalaxen's atmosphere that can catalyze chemical reactions under extreme conditions, useful in industrial processes and environmental remediation.

  5. Neuro-Enhancing Compounds: Pharmaceutical compounds derived from Thalaxen's plant life, offering cognitive enhancements or therapeutic benefits for neurological conditions.

  6. Holo-Projector Lenses: Advanced lenses made from transparent Thalaxen minerals, significantly enhancing the quality and efficiency of holographic displays and VR systems.

  7. Thermal Regulators: Technology designed for maintaining optimal temperature in extreme conditions, based on principles learned from Thalaxen's thermal vents.

  8. Radiation Absorbent Paint: A paint additive created from Thalaxen minerals, capable of absorbing harmful radiation, useful for spacecraft, habitats, and protective clothing.

  9. Environmental Simulation Kits: Educational or research kits containing Thalaxen biomes in miniature, allowing for the study of extreme environments in controlled settings.

  10. Quantum Encryption Keys: Unique data encryption methods inspired by the unpredictable weather patterns of Thalaxen, offering unparalleled security in data transmission.

  11. Atmospheric Filters: Advanced filtration systems developed to cope with Thalaxen's corrosive atmosphere, applicable in industrial emissions control and environmental protection.

  12. Subterranean Mapping Drones: Drones equipped with Thalaxen-developed technology for mapping and exploring subterranean and underwater environments in extreme conditions.

These exports reflect Thalaxen's adaptation to its environment, leveraging its challenges for economic gain while offering valuable resources and technologies to the interstellar community.



Thalaxen operates at a Tech Level (TL) of 6, placing it in a developmental phase analogous to the mid-20th century on Earth, with some areas of advancement that exceed this comparison due to the unique challenges of the planet. This level of technological development signifies that Thalaxen has access to fission power, advanced computing for its time, and the capability to reach orbit, which includes launching and maintaining telecommunications satellites. However, the society lacks the ability to produce goods and infrastructure that can fully protect against the planet's extreme environmental conditions or to manufacture more advanced technologies found at higher tech levels. Importation of higher-tech goods, either through commercial channels or directly by the ruling noble house, supplements this technological base, creating a complex technological ecosystem that blends TL6 capabilities with select advanced technologies.

Technology on Thalaxen is deeply intertwined with every aspect of daily life and societal organization, serving both practical and cultural functions:

  • Survival and Adaptation: The core of technological application revolves around survival—mitigating the harsh environmental conditions through protective domes, underground habitats, and climate control systems. These adaptations enable human habitation and productivity in an otherwise inhospitable world.

  • Economic Engine: Technology drives the economy, particularly through resource extraction operations. Fission power plants and orbital capabilities are critical for energy production and communication, underpinning both domestic and interstellar commerce.

  • Social Fabric: Beyond survival and economics, technology influences the social fabric of Thalaxen. The importation and adaptation of higher-tech goods affect social stratification, creating disparities in access and opportunity. Meanwhile, communication technologies, including cell phones and potentially basic forms of VR, play a key role in maintaining social cohesion and cultural expression across the planet's dispersed settlements.

  • Control and Governance: The ruling oligarchy leverages technology as a means of control, using media for propaganda and surveillance technologies to monitor dissent. The strategic importation and distribution of advanced technology reinforce their power, but also introduce elements of dependency and potential vulnerability.


Crime and Security

In a society like Thalaxen's, with its unique blend of technological development and environmental challenges, the aspects of crime and security take on distinctive characteristics.

Overview: The criminal underworld on Thalaxen exploits the planet's unique situation, engaging in activities that range from smuggling scarce resources to trafficking contraband technology. The harsh environment and dispersed population create opportunities for illicit trade, as certain goods become highly valuable and difficult to obtain through official channels.


  • Resource Smuggling: Essential resources, whether rare minerals extracted from Thalaxen's mines or vital supplies imported from off-world, are prime targets for smuggling operations. Criminal groups might hijack transports or siphon off supplies meant for the wider population.

  • Contraband Technology: With Thalaxen's mixed technology level and reliance on imported advanced tech, there is a lucrative market for contraband technology. This includes unauthorized advanced medical devices, communication equipment, or even weaponry that could disrupt the societal balance.

  • Information Trafficking: Given the importance of media and communication on Thalaxen, the illicit exchange of information, whether for political leverage, espionage, or bypassing censorship, becomes a significant criminal activity.

In summary, crime and security on Thalaxen reflect the planet's challenging environment, technological heterogeneity, and societal values of freedom and self-reliance. The criminal underworld thrives in the shadows of this complex society, while law enforcement strategies emphasize community action, private security, and technological adaptation to maintain order and protect the populace.



The history of Thalaxen is marked by resilience in the face of adversity, with its colonization, settlement, and subsequent development shaped by the planet's extreme conditions and significant challenges.

Early Exploration and Initial Settlement: The story of Thalaxen begins with bold exploration efforts by an interstellar noble household, drawn to the planet by its untapped resources and strategic location. The early settlers encountered a world of stark beauty but extreme hostility, with a corrosive atmosphere and severe temperature fluctuations that tested the limits of their technology and resilience.

Challenges of the Environment: Initial colonization attempts were fraught with difficulties. The harsh climate led to numerous failures: habitats were corroded, crops failed to grow, and the settlers faced constant threats to their health and safety. Despite these challenges, the determination to establish a foothold on Thalaxen spurred innovations in habitat construction, agricultural practices, and resource management.

Establishment of Protected Zones: Over time, the settlers succeeded in creating habitable zones through the construction of domed cities and underground habitats. These protected zones became the cradle of Thalaxen's burgeoning society, enabling the population to grow and diversify, albeit slowly, as they adapted to their new home.

In summary, the history of Thalaxen is a testament to the endurance and adaptability of its inhabitants. From the struggles of initial colonization to the trials of environmental disasters and resource wars, Thalaxen's society has emerged stronger, more cohesive, and more committed to forging a sustainable path forward. This historical narrative underscores the planet's significance not just as a location of strategic and economic importance, but as a community with a deep connection to its environment and a determined vision for its future.


Notable Personalities

In a society as dynamic and challenging as Thalaxen's, with its unique blend of harsh environmental conditions, technological disparities, and complex political landscape, certain individuals stand out for their roles in navigating the colony's past, present, and future.

Archon Varis: The current head of the ruling oligarchy, Archon Varis is a pragmatic leader who has steered Thalaxen through some of its toughest recovery phases. With a background in both technology and resource management, Varis is keen on maintaining the oligarchy's grip on power while ensuring the colony's survival. He is respected and feared in equal measure, known for his strategic acumen and ruthless efficiency.

These key figures each play a pivotal role in shaping Thalaxen's recovery and future direction. Their actions, decisions, and interactions not only drive the colony's political and economic landscape but also reflect the broader struggles and aspirations of its inhabitants. As Thalaxen continues to navigate the challenges of its environment and society, these notable personalities will undoubtedly be at the heart of its unfolding story.


Adventure Hooks

Adventurers: WARNING Spoilers Ahead

A research team studying Thalaxen's unique flora and fauna has gone missing. Players are hired for a rescue mission, facing the planet's corrosive atmosphere and extreme temperatures to find the researchers.

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