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The Relic - adventure for sci-fi rpg

Our Adventures Feature:

  • Cinematic Storylines
  • Dynamic Lighting for Roll20
  • A Variety of Detailed Maps
  • Pre-generated and Equipped Characters
  • Pre-generated and Equipped NPC's
  • Fully-detailed Opponents
  • Epic Bad Guys
  • Custom Tokens and Quality Artwork


What Players Are Saying:

I like the way you set this up. It could be a new episode of Dark Matter or The Expanse.  I loved this module; it has everything from sci-fi to mysticism.

They made me go first, then they left me behind in the dark!

I could hardly catch my breath!

Hold my martini, we're going in HOT!

Sci-Fi RPG Adventures

Looking for sci-fi RPG adventure ideas for your sci-fi adventure game? We take the stress, work, and planning out of having to write your own adventures. Save time and headache when you use our ideas for sci-fi RPG adventures.

Adventure Modules

Whether you are planning a heist, researching new technology, excavating an acient alien archeology site, or avoiding an interstellar war, you will find hours of fun and surprises in our exciting sci-fi RPG adventure modules.


If you are looking for RPG campaign ideas we can help!  Our adventure modules can work as stand-alone adventures you can use as side quests for your existing sci-fi adventure game.  In addition, they can also be used in your own campaigns or as part of our epic Echoes of the Ancients campaign.

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