Humanoid Resources Dept. Vol 1: 36 Human Space Marines

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Humanoid Resources Dept Vol 1: 36 Human Space Marines

36 Human Space Marines ready to play or for use as NPC's.

Perfect for use with classic sci-fi RPG's.

Each marine is fully detailed with stats, skills, equipment, and even contacts and enemies for marines serving 3-5 terms.

*Perfect* for fleshing out your game with random (or selected) NPC's or pre-generated characters for new players or for use at conventions.

*Great* for recruiting new players to the world of sci-fi gaming.

Example Listings:
36657C, Lance Sergeant, 3 Terms, Body Pistol (TL 8), Flak Jacket (TL 8), Blade (TL 2), Athletics(Str) 1, Electronics, Flyer, Gun Cbt (Net) 1, Gunner (Screen) 1, Hvy Weaps (Vehicle) 1, Language, Leadership 1, Melee (Blade), Recon 1, Stealth, Tactics (Military) 2, Vacc Suit 3

878794, Force Commander, 4 Terms, Autopistol (TL 6), Flak Jacket (TL 8), Advanced Combat Rifle (TL A), Stunner (TL 8), Cutlass (TL 2), Ally: Artificial Intelligence
Athletics (End) 1, Carouse, Drive, Electronics, Gun Cbt (Energy) 1, Gun Cbt (Slug) 2, Hvy Weaps (Man Portable) 1, Leadership 1, Melee (Blade) 1, Stealth 2, Tactics (Naval) 1, Vacc Suit 2

If you need marines for your next mission, a new player at your table, or just like to collect sci-fi personnel, this product is perfect for you.

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