Humanoid Resources Dept. Vol 5: 36 Human Interstellar Scouts

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Humanoid Resources Dept. Vol 5: 36 Human Interstellar Scouts

36 detailed space explorer scout characters for use with classic sci-fi RPGs.

Each scout is fully detailed with stats, skills, equipment, and even contacts and enemies for scout personnel serving 3-5 terms.  Scouts are used by megacorps and governments to explore, survey, and perform courier services across charted and uncharted space.

*Perfect* for fleshing out your game with random (or selected) NPC's or pre-generated characters for new players or for use at conventions.

*Great* for recruiting new players to the world of sci-fi gaming.

Example Listing:

8B574A, Rank 0, (Surveyor, Explorer, Courier), Shares x1, Advanced Combat Rifle (TL A), Cloth (TL A), Rival: Corp Agent, Enemy: Disgruntled Software Developer
Astro, Electr (Sensors) 1, Gun, Mechanic, Medic, Persuade 1, Pilot (Small Craft) 1, Pro, Survival

If you need Scout Personnel for your next mission, a new player at your table, or just like to collect sci-fi personnel, this product is perfect for you.

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