Old West Maps For VTT: Sheriff Underwood's Office

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Old West Maps For VTT: Sheriff Underwood's Office

For Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, and other popular VTT platforms.

The Town of New Liberty is an Official Setting for the Rider Old West RPG by Independence Games.

Sheriff Underwood's Office features a main office area and a jailhouse in the back with 6 cells to keep unruly troublemakers in check.

What Comes In This Map Pack:

  • A high-resolution, large, fully detailed battlemap detailing Sheriff Underwood's Office.
    • The map is 11x17 grid units (1650x2550x150- JPG)
    • With and without grid
  • Detailed installation instructions for hassle-free use.  Be up and running in minutes on most mojor VTT platforms!

Sheriff's Office Low Res Preview

Sheriff Underwoods Office low res preview


Sheriff's Office Detail

desk detail

stove detail

Sultana Detail View



  • High-resolution graphics detailing the floor plans of Sheriff Underwood's Office from the Rider RPG setting of New Liberty.
  • Visualize the interiors and settings for your old-west RPG, adding a level of realism and immersion for your players.
  • See, at a glance, where players and NPC's are located, stage a jail break, and more!
  • Use this as your player's home and base of operations, or as a battle map for exciting adventures.
  • Helps relay the relative size and position of features of the game world.


Welcome to the Town Of New Liberty!

This is the first in a line of fully-licensed VTT map locations produced by CyborgPrime Games for the New Liberty setting for the Rider old-west RPG by Independence Games.

More maps coming soon.

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