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CyborgPrime NFTs Now Available!

Do you want to support indie content creators?  One great way is to buy NFT artWhat is NFT art?  Read on to learn more about purchasing unique, limited edition digital artwork.

What Is NFT And How It Works

You've probably heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

NFTs are just digital assets like art, music, or animations, attached to the "blockchain" for authentication.  This means they cannot be counterfeited easily, they are certified authentic originals, and their chain of ownership can be followed. 

Technically, you aren't purchasing the art, you are purchasing the piece of the blockchain with the 'authentication certificate', but the art brings added value.

Purchasing an NFT is similar to purchasing a unique, numbered, certified art print.

Think of it this way:

I can download hi-res photos of the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci and make as many copies as I want.

I can go to the museum gift shop and buy all the Mona Lisa posters they can print.

These are fungible, which means one Mona Lisa print from the gift shop is pretty much exchangeable for any other Mona Lisa poster of the same print run.  If you noticed the poster had a printing imperfection or a tear before you left the shop, no big deal- just exchange it with another of the same from the shop inventory.

But, if I want to purchase the original Mona Lisa, I would have to pay a ton of money, and there would be lawyers, insurance companies, banks, and museums involved to record the transaction.  There is only one original Mona Lisa: the one painted by the hand of Leonardo Da Vinci and certified to be the original kept at this museum.  The original Mona Lisa is non-fungible.  It cannot be exchanged for any other because it is a unique original; there is no other like it.  It is a certified one-of-a-kind, even though poster prints have been made of it.


You May Already Own NFTs

Do you play games on Steam? You already own NFTs.
  • When you play a game on Steam and get achievements, you earn a trading card.
  • The cards range randomly from common to rare.
  • If a game is currently popular, or the card is rare (or both) the value goes up.
  • The cards are NFTs that you can only use within the Steam ecosphere.
  • There is a marketplace on Steam where you can sell your cards to other players who are trying to collect them into packs. Or maybe you listed a card for way less than it's worth and they know they can resell it for a small profit.
  • If you list a card and it sells, you get some money in your Steam wallet to spend on purchases.

Here's a Steam NFT I earned yesterday (look under your Steam profile for your INVENTORY to see all your Steam NFTs):

steam nft

I could sell it right now for 8 cents, or I could hold onto it until the market value goes up (or goes down - that's a risk you take if you are a collector/investor).

I never bought anything on the Steam NFT market - only sold my cards there for credits towards new game purchases.

Steam trading cards are NFTs because:

They are "minted" and tracked on Steam's ledger system.  That means Steam can look up who has card #1001, when it was minted and for what achievement, when a player got it, who they traded it to, when it was traded and for how much, and who has it now.

Those cards are singular, unique tokens in the world - you can't counterfeit your Steam cards because Steam put a serial number that they track on every card.  There is no way for you to insert your photoshop replica into their system.
If you made a Steam trading card in photoshop, or copied one with a screen grab, you could not sell it on the Steam marketplace.

Why Sell NFTs?

People who use cryptocurrencies are always looking for things to spend their crypto on, either just for fun or as a collector.

Think of comic books. 

Some people buy a comic, read it, put their coffee cup on it, then pass it around for friends to enjoy or just toss it on the back seat of the car.

But some people purchase the comic in mint condition, never read it, place it immediately into a comic protector sleeve, drop that in a comic book archive box and stash it in the closet, hoping it will retain or increase value over time.

..and of course, there is everything on the spectrum between these two extremes.

The same can be said for purchasing NFT art.

Some folks just want to own a cool art piece they can print, use as wallpaper on their desktop, use as an avatar on social media, or as part of a game.

Some folks are hoping to flip the artwork to make an immediate profit.

Some folks want to hold on to a possible collector's item and hope it will keep or increase its value over time.

For me, it is just another sales channel with a market of customers for me to share my passion for sci-fi art and gaming.

In fact, if you like one of my art pieces, feel free to download it free and use it for personal use like a wallpaper background, or maybe it will inspire an adventure idea.

If you REALLY like an art piece and want to help support Indie artists and content creators like me, then please consider purchasing an NFT if you're in the market.


How Cryptocurrency Affects Our Environment

Because blockchains are publicly-processed ledgers distributed across a network, it takes a lot of computer power and therefore a lot of energy to keep them updated.

This energy is of course in the form of electricity, which still comes primarily from fossil fuels and nuclear reactors, and contributes to polluting our environment.

How We Mitigate The Environmental Effects Of Crypto

polygon green

CyborgPrime Games uses Polygon blockchain to greatly reduce the cost of minting NFTS.  The company has made a commitment to be retroactively carbon-neutral, transitioning to carbon-negative in 2022.

You can read more about how Polygon blockchain will go carbon negative and sustainable in 2022.


My Limited Edition NFT Collections

I have created a few collections of NFTs around different themes and minted them in limited edition 1-offs.

Follow our NFT Collections on Twitter @CyborgPrimeNFTs

Sci-Fi Mining Facilities

Sci Fi Mining Facility banner

The Celestial Empire requires natural resources in order to grow and thrive.

The mining facilities across the Empire supply the raw materials needed for building new starships, colonies, and outposts.

This series explores futuristic mining facilities and the environments and settings these installations are built in.

Each mining facility has a set of attributes describing its unique resource output profile that you can use in your sci-fi RPG games.

Check out my article NFT Collection: Sci-Fi Mining Facilities for a thumbnail catalog of the collection.

Check out the Sci-Fi Mining Facilities NFT Collection on OpenSea here.


When We're Gone

when were gone banner

Each location represents a unique intersection and has a location name.

Check out my article NFT Collection: When We're Gone for a thumbnail catalog of the collection.

Check out the When We're Gone NFT Collection here.

The Forgotten Temples

the forgotten temples banner

Check out my article NFT Collection: The Forgotten Temples for a thumbnail catalog of the collection.

Check out The Forgotten Temples NFT Collection at OpenSea here.

Alien Vistas

Alien Vistas COMING SOON

Space Stations

Space Stations COMING SOON


The Doomed Crew


Voku Subsector

Voku Subsector COMING SOON

A Simpler Life

A Simpler Life COMING SOON


How You Can Help

Please visit my online catalog of NFTs and mark your favorites.  This will give me feedback as to what pieces my audience like best.

Download the preview for personal use.  Make it your desktop wallpaper, or use it as a writing prompt for your next adventure.

If you are in the market for NFTs, please consider purchasing mine!


Artist Collaboration

Are you a sci-fi artist with a style complementary to mine and a passion for creating sci-fi art?

Maybe we could do a collab?

I'm open to collaboration with the right people.

Reach out and let me know about your project if you're interested in a collaboration.


What Do You Think?

Are you interested in purchasing NFTs?  Why or why not?

Share your opinions in the Comments section - I'd love to hear more about the popularity of NFTs.


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