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The Planetary Profile Series

Explore the Uncharted: The Planetary Profile Series

Greetings, intrepid explorers of the galaxy! Are you ready to embark on journeys to worlds unknown, to civilizations uncontacted, and to adventures undreamed of?

The Planetary Profile Series, a cornerstone of the subsector Database, offers Game Masters (GMs) and players an unparalleled toolkit for crafting vibrant, immersive campaigns in the vastness of space.

What Awaits in the Subsector?

Each Planetary Profile is a comprehensive guide to a unique world within the galaxy. Designed with the imaginative GM in mind, these profiles are meticulously crafted to be dropped into your Traveller games or any sci-fi RPG, serving as stand-alone modules that spark endless adventures.

planetary profile readout

Discover New Worlds

From the acid rains of Thalaxen to the cyberpunk dystopias of Neoterra, every profile brings to life a richly detailed setting. You'll find everything you need to know about the planet's geography, climate, ecosystem, and inhabitants.

Dive into Societal Intricacies

Understand the complex societies that inhabit these worlds. Each profile includes detailed descriptions of local customs, governance, and conflicts, providing a backdrop for deeply engaging role-playing experiences.

Encounter Unique Challenges

Every planet comes with its own set of challenges and mysteries. Navigate through political intrigue, environmental hazards, and alien encounters, all ready to be integrated into your stories.

Inspire New Adventures

Looking for your next campaign hook? Each profile is packed with adventure hooks and plot ideas, from rescue missions in corrosive atmospheres to treasure hunts on ancient alien ruins.

Designed for Game Masters and Players

Our Planetary Profiles are more than just guides; they're gateways to new narratives. Crafted to be easily integrated into your campaigns, they save you preparation time and inspire your creativity. Whether you're a veteran GM or new to the game, these profiles are designed to enhance your storytelling and bring your sci-fi adventures to life.

Join Us in the Subsector

The universe is vast, and its stories are waiting to be told. With the Planetary Profile Series, you hold the key to unlocking these tales. Dive into the subsector Database today and discover the worlds that await.

Happy exploring!

The Subsector's Planetary Profiles: A Catalogue of Worlds

Dive into the heart of the subsector with our growing catalogue of Planetary Profiles, each a distinct world filled with mysteries and opportunities for adventure. Here's a glimpse into the diverse planets awaiting your exploration:

  • Thalaxen: Known for its acid rains and harsh landscapes, Thalaxen challenges adventurers with its extreme conditions.
  • Neoterra: A planet caught between technology and dystopia, offering cyberpunk adventures amidst societal upheaval.
  • Zypheria: With its ice-covered oceans and hidden depths, Zypheria is perfect for explorers seeking secrets beneath the ice.
  • Soloris: A desert world with ancient ruins, Soloris promises treasure and danger in equal measure.
  • Verdantia: A jungle planet teeming with life, Verdantia's lush landscapes hide both beauty and peril.

Each profile is your gateway to new adventures, offering detailed insights into the planet's environment, society, and the challenges that await. Whether you're plotting a campaign or looking for inspiration, the subsector's database is your first port of call in the journey across the stars.

Embark on your next adventure with the Planetary Profile Series—where will the subsector take you next?


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