Sci-fi RPG Starship Deck Plans

New Release: Pioneer-Class Scout Starship Deck Plans

A full line of detailed starship deckplans are currently under development, but our.

On the right, you can see an example of our Classic Scout Ship design, featuring:

  • High-res, 3D-rendered and photo-quality furniture and props.
  • Dynamic Lighting for Roll20 GM's with a Pro account.
  • Each deck plan is laid out for your players to explore.
  • Rooms that can be decorated by the players to make them their own.

A starship is where characters in sci-fi RPGs spend most of their time.  It's a base of operations, a business office, a sanctuary. 

But it's more than all that; to a space traveler it's their home among the stars. 

Use our starship deck plans with your favorite Virtual Tabletop system (VTT), such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

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RPG Starship Deck Plans For Virtual Tabletop

sci-fi rpg starship deck plans

(Image above is from our upcoming line of Starship Deck Plans)

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