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eve online the best sci-fi mmorpg

EVE Online: The Definitive Sci-Fi MMORPG

Explore the vastness of space with thousands of other players on a single persistent server.  Join me on EVE Online now.

An Immense Map To Explore

There are over 7800 detailed star systems in EVE Online.

Travel through jumpgates to new systems, but be careful to plot your route through safe zones, as pirates and other enemies can be found lurking on low security zones.


A Diverse Selection of Ships

There are over 350 types of ships ranging across the different factions of the EVE Online universe.

Pick a side and learn to fly your starship, customize it, and embark on your journey to adventure.

Will you become a bounty hunter, a megacorp CEO, a pirate, an explorer, or a famous trader?

EVE Online's openworld sandbox approach leaves it up to you.


Hands-Down The BEST Open-World Sci-Fi MMORPG

Adventures abound in this ground-breaking, highly-rated game of exploration, trade, and combat.

Zoom past visually-stunning vistas while you enjoy a calming soundtrack.

Engage the enemy in full combat with missiles, lasers, drones, and a suite of offensive and defensive upgrades.

Ply the interstellar trade routes as you craft your own line of ship upgrades on the open market.

These are just a few of the options in this skill-baseed award-winning sci-fi MMORPG.


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