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How To Roll d66 Using Common 6-Sided Dice video

How To Roll d66 Using Common 6-Sided Dice

Not sure what d66 is or how to use it?  Check out these simple instructions on how to generate 36 numbers using just a regular 6-sided die.

3 Easy Ways To Roll d66 Using Regular 6-sided Dice

What is d66? It's a way to generate 36 different numbers using normal 6-sided dice similar to the dice you would find in a Monopoly game.

Method 1 - d66 Using 1 Die

Use one 6-sided die and roll it twice.

The first die roll will be the 10's digit, the second die roll would be the 1's digit.

So, rolling a 3 then a 2 would result in 32.

Method 2- d66 Using 2 Dice Of The Same Color

Using two dice of the same color, just roll one before the other, the first die (or the leftmost die) becomes the 10's digit, the second die (or rightmost die) becomes the 1's digit.

Using this method a roll of 1 and 4 would result in 14.

Method 3- d66 Using 2 Dice Of Different Colors

Designate one die as the 10's digit, the other color as the one's digit.

For example, if we decide a red die would be the 10’s digit and a blue die would be the 1’s digit. A roll of red 6 and blue 3 would give you the number 63.


Where To Get d66 Tables

You can find our line of d66 expansion tables at the following sources:

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