Relating to Traveller RPG - Nick Nova (E2)

So now you know what the Traveller RPG tabletop game is about, but what do you do and how do you play?

This is Episode 2 of Nick Nova, Star Traveller.

A lot of new Traveller players feel at a loss of what to do in the Traveller universe.

The future can feel overwhelming, but remember that you can always visit lower tech worlds or find a comfortable place for yourself among the stars.

Thankfully, all adventure games share common storylines because what makes a good story is independent of the genre.

Take Star Wars, for example: meet up with a mentor, save the princess, and stop the evil space-fascists.

In this episode, I discuss the Traveller analogs of common D&D tropes in a way that I hope will help you relate to the Traveller tabletop RPG.

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