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how to play traveller - understanding traveller

Relating to Traveller RPG - Nick Nova (E2)

So now you know what the Traveller RPG tabletop game is about, but what do you do and how do you play Traveller?

Understanding Traveller

This is Episode 2 of Nick Nova, Star Traveller.

A lot of new Traveller players feel at a loss of what to do in the Traveller universe.

The future can feel overwhelming, but remember that you can always visit lower tech worlds or find a comfortable place for yourself among the stars.

Thankfully, all adventure games share common storylines because what makes a good story is independent of the genre.

Take Star Wars, for example: meet up with a mentor, save the princess, and stop the evil space-fascists.

In this episode, I discuss the Traveller analogs of common D&D tropes in a way that I hope will help you relate to the Traveller tabletop RPG.

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