Classic Far Trader Deck Plans [FREE!]


Starship Malfunction Cards Instruction Sheet

Virtual tabletop gaming is becoming increasingly popular.  This is the first of my new line of ship deck plans compatible with the system.

Each map contains full-color detailed deck plans of starships, shuttles, starbases, outposts, colonies, and more.  Efforts will be made to duplicate the classic sci-fi starships, as well as presenting a new line of ship designs for use with, Cepheus Engine, and other classic sci-fi RPG’s.  I will also be offering themed furniture and accessories to decorate your maps in future editions.

Please enjoy!  If you like this map and use it, please leave a kind comment.  This set of deck plans is absolutely free!


Included in this package:
- 3 Full-color deck plans - one for each deck - scaled for use in roll20
- 1 B&W GM Key
- 1 ReadMe containing instructions for installing the maps in roll20