Proprietor-Class Far Trader Starship Deck Plans For VTT

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$4.99 each

Proprietor-Class Far Trader Deck Plans
For Roll20 and Other VTT

Your players need a ship for their adventures using Roll20 or other VTT platforms. 

These deck plans make great Roll20 maps and work with other VTT systems as well.

The Far Trader starship is the dependable and popular ship many new players choose to start their merchant adventures.

As a mustering-out benefit or the first ship a player can afford to purchase (or borrow), the classic Far Trader merchant starship is just the right size for a small crew to manage and provides opportunities for hauling cargo or passengers.

What Comes In This Pack:

  • High-resolution, large maps (35 x 37 squares), (4900 x 5180 pixels)
  • 1 Set of Deck Plans (Furnished) w/ grid (JPG)
  • 1 Set of Deck Plans (Furnished) w/o grid (JPG)
  • 1 Set of Deck Plans (Unfurnished Stateroom, Cargo Bay, and Lounge) w/ grid (JPG)
  • 1 Set of Deck Plans (Unfurnished Stateroom, Cargo Bay, and Lounge) w/o grid (JPG)
  • 1 Deck Key 5-page "Handout" detailing 18 ship interior locations (PDF)
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  • Credits (PDF)
  • Open Gaming License (PDF)
  • Read Me.txt (Installation Instructions)

pioneer scout preview


  • High-resolution graphics detailing the internal deck plans of a classic Far Trader starship.
  • Visualize the interiors of starships for your sci-fi RPG.
  • Helps relay the relative size and position of features of the game world.
  • See, at a glance, how much cargo space you have left, where players and NPC's are located, etc.
  • Use the "unfurnished" map version to allow your characters to place their furniture and customize their rooms, cargo bay, and crew commons.
  • Use this as your character's home and base of operations, or as a battle map for boarding actions or exploring derelict ships.
  • Customize your ship using standard stock furniture from the Roll20 archive, or use themed furniture packs from CyborgPrime Games (coming soon).
  • 18 detailed areas for your characters to explore or call "home".
  • PERFECT for use with our Roll20 Module, The Relic (available on the Roll20 Marketplace).

 * The Roll20 Marketplace version of this title features Dynamic Lighting, but has not yet been released.

Start Your Fleet Today!

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More deck plans coming soon.

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