Starship Deck Plans For VTT: Reticulan Civilian and Military Saucers

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Starship Deck Plans For VTT: Reticulan Civilian and Military Saucers

For Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, and other popular VTT platforms.

The Reticulan have been invading our skies for a long time - now come aboard their ships and begin to learn their secrets...

What Comes In This Map Pack:

  • High-resolution, large, fully-detailed battle maps detailing the inner decks of two Reticulan vessels in JPG and PNG files at 150 DPI.
    • Reticulan Civilian Saucer (12x12)
    • Reticulan Military Saucer (12x12)
  • Wireframe floorplan player handouts/GM key.
  • We have detailed installation instructions for hassle-free use.  Be up and running in minutes!

Reticulan Vessels
(low res preview)

reticulan civilian saucer preview

reticulan military saucer preview


Player Handouts
(low res preview)

reticulan civilian saucer wireframe preview

reticulan military saucer wireframe preview



  • High-resolution graphics detailing the internal deck plans of two Reticulan saucers - maintains detail even at high zoom levels.
  • Visualize the interiors of starships for your sci-fi RPG, adding a level of realism and immersion for your players.
  • See, at a glance, how much cargo space you have left, where players and NPCs are located, etc.
  • Use this as your player's home and base of operations, or as a battle map for boarding actions or exploring derelict ships.
  • Customize your ship using standard stock furniture from the Roll20 archive, or use themed furniture packs from CyborgPrime Games (coming soon).
  • Helps relay the relative size and position of features of the game world.

Look for our other starship deck plan packs, such as the Pioneer-Class Scout Ship Deck Plans For VTT, the Sultana-Class Far Trader Deck Plans For VTT, and the Proprietor Far Trader Deck Plans For VTT.

Start Your Fleet Today!

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