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Play Traveller Online: Intro to Roll20 VTT [2020]

Play Traveller Online: Intro to Roll20 VTT App [2020]

Practicing social distancing in 2020 to avoid Covid-19? Play Traveller online by remote with the Roll20 App virtual tabletop!

Play Traveller RPG Online With Roll20 App VTT

This intro to Roll20 will guide you through the toolbars and icons in the player and GM interface.

Don't meet in person - use distance gaming tools like Roll20 to connect with friends over the internet.

Roll20 provides a virtual tabletop and a shared space for Traveller RPG players and GMs to play Traveller by remote.

Automated character sheets and 3D dice make it easy to play Traveller online.

In this intro to Roll20 video, I'll explain how my group of gaming friends, who are distributed all over the world, use Roll20 to play Traveller online every week for over a year now.

All the toolbars will be explained.

I will give you a tour of the Traveller RPG character sheets on the Roll20 system.

Dynamic lighting and map layers will also be covered.

I hope this Roll20 Q&A helps people understand more about the Roll20 system and how it can help you play your favorite RPGs by remote with friends while limiting exposure to Covid-19.

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