Sci-Fi Adventure Seeds: The Missing Survey Ship

Sci-Fi RPG Plot Hook: The Missing Survey Vessel

Looking for sci-fi RPG adventure seeds for your next game of Cepheus Engine or Traveller? Check out The Missing Survey Vessel.

sci-fi adventure seeds missing survey vessel

Administrators at the Lyceum Corporation have announced that the Gulir Aanar, their latest high-tech survey vessel did not report reaching its destination after its last jump.

The ship recently embarked on its maiden voyage to help uncover the mysteries of the universe using its wide array of cutting-edge sensors and meticulously trained crew of scientific experts.

Lyceum would not divulge the science vessel's destination, as it is classified as proprietary information.

When the public's tempers flared, Baron Cygnus requested workers remain calm.

"Lyceum corporation bears no responsibility, I'm sure it was just a misjump caused by a freak accident.  The crew is likely to have a laugh and probably are refueling right now.  It's probably just a matter of weeks before we hear from them again."

Things To Investigate:

Starship jump technology is very dependable.  If this ship misjumped, what could cause that?

What was the ship's ultimate destination, and why is Lyceum keeping it secret?

What kind of special equipment and crew were required for this mystery mission?

Why did a local Noble chime in on the topic?

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