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Traveller Referee Helper - Beta Testers Needed

Do you like to use automated tools and utilities to supplement your Traveller or Cepheus Engine game?  Try out my latest application using the Core Metaverse Engine.

What is the Traveller Referee Helper?

As part of my studies into Core Game Engine metaverse development, I did a study on user interface design.  Being a total Traveller nerd, of course, I had to do something Traveller-related.

I decided to reimagine my online Traveller utilities programs as a computer interface usable in the Core environment, perhaps as part of a future suite of applications presented in a 3D metaverse context.


Which Traveller Tools?

I've gathered a variety of helpful tools, including:

  1. d66 roller - Great for rolling on CyborgPrime game tables (Pre-rolled CharactersStarship Malfunctions) or tables from the Traveller and Cepheus Engine rules.
  2. Ship Mortgage Calculator - How much will the ship cost to run every month?  What if you have ship shares? This calculator will tell you!
  3. Travel Time Calculator - How long will it take for us to fly to Mars?  How long until the incoming missile hits us?  Find out with this easy to use calculator.
  4. Distance Calculator - How far can we go at max speed for an hour?  How far can we get at half-speed for 24 hrs? 
  5. Random Pocket Loot - What's in its pocketses?  Find out with this random pocket loot generator.  Looting the body has never been so fun!
  6. Hit Locations - Unaimed shots have to land somewhere!  You pulled out your blaster and shot at the enemy and HIT!  But, where did you hit him?

I'll be adding #7 - Room Loot, but there will still be room for more information panels, so what calculators, generators, and dice rollers would be most helpful to you?  Let me know, and the most useful could be added in later versions.


What You'll Need

If you want to try out the Traveller Referee tools, you will need a basic gaming PC (iOS coming soon) and a free Core Games account.

My computer has a GTX-1650 video card and it works great.


Give It A Try!

Get a Core account and log on to the Traveller Referee Helper.

If you find bugs, please let me know so I can fix them!

Try Traveller Referee Helper

 traveller rpg helper


What Do You Think?

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