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Traveller RPG Actual Play Livestream: The Keith Frye Memorial Fundraiser

Traveller RPG Actual Play Livestream: The Keith Frye Memorial Fundraiser

Be my sponsor and help me win the Noble Games in this good-natured test of our character's knowledge of the Code Duello to bring prestige to our House in the name of His Highness, Prince Lucan!

Who Is Keith Frye?

Keith was the founder of TravellerCon and poured his love of Traveller into the event each year.

Recently, Keith passed away and we want to give back to his family and help them through this difficult time with a fundraiser.

How Does This Work?

The game will be streamed live on YouTube on Saturday April 29, 2023, at 1:00 pm Central Time on the Traveller's Aid Society YouTube Channel,

Players will compete to win at games of honor and noble sport.

Sponsors can help their favorite players or hinder players or households that oppose their favorite player.

Boons and Banes can be purchased for $10 each and represent a +1 Boon or -1 Bane to a player's dice roll in the game.

Banes and Boons are tallied and allocated to the players accordingly. 

To purchase a Boon or Bane, simply make a donation on  GoFundMe for Keith Frye , and in the "I donated because..." box indicate if you are making a Boon or Bane and to who it should be applied.

For example, BOON to Cassiopeia (me!) or BANE against whatever House or player I am playing against in the Noble Games.

Alternately, if you will be attending the event you can decide what event to apply the money to in real-time in the Discord channel.

You can start sending donations to influence the game beginning on the morning of Wednesday the 26th thru the conclusion of the fundraiser game.

All proceeds go to benefit the family of Keith Frye to help defer final expenses.

The Scenario

Prince Lucan is suffering from a severe case of ennui, despite the month-long celebration of his 11th birthday.

Surrounded by Nobles from the Great Houses of the Third Imperium, the Prince Royale has ordered that each family's juveniles display their knowledge of the Code Duello and perform their dueling skills: fisticuffs, swordplay, and pistols (all non-lethal of course, to the Prince's disappointment).

Blood will be shed, prestige will be earned, and the Prince shall be entertained! Hopefully...

Meet Cassiopeia Starfall of House Aella

Age: 15

Household Rank: Viscount

Title: Mistress

SOC 13

Code Duello Skills

 Pugilism  3
 Blade  1
 Pistol  2


Cassiopeia Starfall was born into House Aella, one of the oldest and most mysterious noble houses in the Third Imperium. As a member of the Viscount rank, she was raised to embody the virtues of her house: beauty, grace, and excellence. From a young age, Cassiopeia showed great talent in the Code Duello, honing her skills in pugilism, blade work, and pistol shooting. Her natural intelligence and education have also given her a keen strategic mind and a deep understanding of the political landscape of the Imperium.

As she grew older, Cassiopeia began to participate in more public events, attending social gatherings and making connections with other noble houses. Despite her youth, she quickly gained a reputation for her exceptional skill in combat, as well as her sharp wit and cunning. However, her involvement with the nouveau riche and her tendency to flaunt her family's wealth and prestige have caused some tension with other noble houses.

Now, at the age of 15, Cassiopeia has been invited to participate in the Noble Games in honor of Prince Lucan's birthday. With the support of her house and her loyal followers, she hopes to bring glory and prestige to House Aella and cement her place among the greatest duelists in the Imperium.

House Aella

House Aella is famous for its incredibly accomplished and beautiful offspring, (rumored to be genetically manipulated), that have intermarried with other Great Houses. Emperor Strephon’s mother was an Aella, as was the mother of Archduke Norris.

The Great House is the very definition of “old money”, and its business interests are not publicly known, and the family has no visible means of financial support. House Aella epitomizes the old trope that “behind every great fortune, lies a great crime.”

The House enjoys Imperium-imposed intelligence and security protections that are on par with those used to safeguard sophisticated military technologies, like Black Globe generators. House Aella is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Excerpts Cassiopeia Starfall's Personal Log

A communication transmission has just arrived!

Dear Cassiopeia,

I hope this letter finds you well. As you know, my birthday is fast approaching, and I have been planning a grand celebration to commemorate the occasion. I would be honored if you would participate in the games that I have organized for the event.

Knowing your prowess in pugilism, I have arranged a martial arts competition as part of the festivities. The competition will be fierce, but I am confident that you will prove to be a worthy opponent to any who dare challenge you.

As a member of one of the Great Houses, I am sure that you will bring great honor to your family and your House through your participation in the games. I look forward to seeing you at the celebration and witnessing your skill in action.

Please let me know if you plan to attend and participate in the games so that I may make the necessary arrangements.

With great anticipation,

Lucan, Prince Royale


My response to Prince Lucan:

Your Highness, Prince Lucan,

It is with great honor and humility that I receive your invitation to participate in your birthday games. I am humbled to be counted among the young nobles selected to display their knowledge of the Code Duello and perform their dueling skills.

As a member of House Aella, I am proud to represent my House and bring honor and glory to our name in your esteemed presence. I promise to conduct myself with the utmost respect for the noble traditions of the Imperium and the Code Duello.

I look forward to meeting you and the other noble guests in attendance and to participating in the games with all the skill and courage that House Aella has come to represent. Thank you again for this opportunity, Your Highness.

Respectfully yours,

Cassiopeia Starfall of House Aella


I must find Sponsors to ensure my success in the Noble Games!

Dear Noble Cousins,
I hope this message finds you well. As you know, the Prince's birthday celebration is just around the corner, and the Noble Games are quickly approaching. I am writing to you today to humbly request your support in the upcoming games.
As a proud member of House Aella, I have been chosen to represent our house and defend our honor in the games. I am determined to emerge victorious and make our house proud, but I cannot do it alone.
That's why I am reaching out to you, my esteemed Noble Cousins, to ask for your support in the games. Whether it's through your words of encouragement or your generous donations, your support will make all the difference in helping me achieve victory for our house.
I am honored to have you as my Noble Cousins, and I hope that you will consider supporting me in the upcoming Noble Games. Let us show the other houses what House Aella is made of!
Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing you at the Prince's birthday celebration.
Sincerely Yours,
Cassiopeia Starfall of House Aella


Your Turn.  What Do You Do?

Please consider sponsoring me- it's all in good fun and for a great cause!

For each $10 you donate, you purchase a Boon or Bane you can use to help influence the game and help me bring prestige to my Household!

To purchase a Boon or Bane, simply make a donation on  GoFundMe for Keith Frye , and in the "I donated because..." box indicate if you are making a Boon or Bane and to who it should be applied.

Hint: Please consider supporting my character, Cassiopeia Starfall of House Aella!

If you found this article helpful, please give it a good rating at the top, thanks!


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