Traveller RPG Civilian G-Carrier 3D Concept Design

My players needed something larger than the standard air/raft, so I created this civilian g-carrier for them.

Original G-Carrier 3D Model Complete

This civilian grav carrier features plenty of space for crew and cargo.

It carries the entire crew of 5 plus has some space for additional cargo and passengers.

I thought I would have some fun with the paint jobs.

The crew brews bootleg booze in the cargo hold of their scout ship, so they named their shuttle the "Nellie J Banks" which is a famous rum runner.

What do you think? What vehicle do you use to go back and forth to your ship? What might be cool paint jobs?

Let me know in the Comments area below.

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0 # AmbaGary 2020-06-08 05:42
Great model! Some paint scheme ideas: (1) Traveller's Aid Society Vehicle, using the classic red Optima font/stripe on black, (2) PanAm, as 2001 homage, (3) "Imperial One" Emperor's Shuttle, with a Red or Gold Imperial Starbust on black or grey background, (4) NFL Team colors - pref 49ers, Raiders, Seahawks, Bengals, etc :-)
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