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Traveller RPG Hit Location Generator

Traveller RPG Hit Location Generator

When traveling the cosmos, you hope conflict will be worked out diplomatically but it doesn't always. If you like more combat detail check try my Traveller RPG Hit Location calculator:

Add More Detail To Your Traveller Combat

Compared with other games, the Traveller RPG uses a pretty streamlined combat system.  The combat round goes pretty fast and Traveller combat can be pretty deadly (unless you are wearing some sweet armor).

With bullets whizzing and lasers pew-pewing, the damage is flying all over the place.  Normally just deciding whether a target is hit or missed is all that really matters.

But sometimes you want a little more detail.  This is where a random hit location generator can help.

"You took a grazing shot to the side of your head and a piece of your ear is shot off, but otherwise you're OK" is more fun than, "You got hit for 1 point".

Introducing CyborgPrime’s Hit Location Generator

This Hit Location Calculator is biased in favor of hitting the torso.  When you “shoot from the hip” or just generally point and shoot (without aiming or “called shots”), you are probably more likely to hit the largest part of the upper body, and less likely to hit the foot, for example.

The Hit Location Calculator doesn’t go into detail about ears or toes; that’s for the imagination of the players.

If you do want that kind of detail, leave a comment below and if there’s enough interest I’ll program a calculator with more detail as a future post.

How To Use the Hit Location Generator

Just click the Generate Hit Location button and the calculator will determine what region of the body was randomly hit.


Traveller Ranged Combat

Un-aimed Hit Location Generator

Hit Location: Unknown



Some people want less combat detail, some want more.

Using this Hit Location Calculator, people who want more detail can get a weighted hit location result.

I hope you find some gaming use for this little utility.  If you want to see more things like this, let me know in the comments section.

Happy Travelling!




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