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Traveller RPG Mayday 2023 Official Event Page

Traveller RPG Mayday Mayday 2023 Official Event Page

Join us April 28-May 1st, 2023, for the 5th Annual Traveller RPG Mayday Mayday Event!  Enjoy interviews with content creators, check out 3D combat demos, play Traveller RPG online, win prizes, support charity, AND MORE!

Traveller RPG Mayday Mayday 2023

When: April 28-May 1st, 2023

Starts: Varies, according to Activity - see Event Activities below.

Where: LIVE on the CyborgPrime Discord server, simulcast to the CyborgPrime YouTube and CyborgPrime Twitch channels.  Live online games going on all weekend (see below).

What: The Traveller Mayday Mayday event is a virtual gaming convention that takes place on May 1st (May Day).  It is a day for honoring the history and future of the Traveller sci-fi role-playing game including all its editions and spin-offs.

This Year's Theme: Merchants

Event Activities:


Want To Know More About Traveller Mayday?

Check out this interview where Bob from interviews CyborgPrime about Mayday 2023.



All times listed in MST (-6 UTC)

Friday, April 28

12:00 pm-10:00 pm:
Play Traveller Online
Traveller one-shots.


Saturday, April 29

7:00 am-10:00 pm:
Play Traveller Online
Traveller one-shots.

12:00 pm-4:00 pm:
Keith Frye Fundraiser Livestream Game
(watch livestream here)

1:00 pm:
Ad Astra Squadron Strike


Sunday, April 30

7:00 am-4:00 pm:
Play Traveller Online
Traveller one-shots.


Monday, May 1

8:00 am-7:40 pm: Podcast with Interviews from Industry Leaders

8:00 am Interview With A Hiver - 25 min

8:30 am Jeff Kazmeirski (Amber Zoned Comix / Zhodani Language Institute) - 43 min

9:30 am Neil Thorpe (2d Storyteller)- 35 min

10:30 am Omer Golan-Joel (Stellagama Publishing) - 47 min

11:30 am John Watts (Independence Games) - 86 min

1:00 pm Craig A. Glesner (Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC) - 55 min

2:00 pm Ken Burnside & Mike Llaneza (Ad Astra Games) - 90 min

3:30 pm Christopher Griffen (Mongoose Publishing) - 82 min

5:00 pm Matthew Sprange (Mongoose Publishing)- 59 min

6:00 pm Marc Miller (Far Future Enterprises: Keynote) - 99 min

7:40 pm Traveller After Hours


This year will be the best Traveller RPG Mayday Mayday Event ever!  JOIN US!

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Interviews With Traveller and CE Content Creators
May 1st, 2023

* All times are Mountain Time (UTC -6)

Greetings, fellow space explorers! As the much-awaited Traveller RPG Mayday event approaches, we have a special treat in store for you. We're thrilled to present our exclusive interviews with some of the most notable figures from the Traveller and Cepheus Engine worlds. These thought-provoking conversations offer a unique glimpse into the creative minds that have shaped and expanded our beloved role-playing games.

Interview Highlights:

  • The Origin Stories: Learn how these influential creators discovered their passion for Traveller and Cepheus Engine, and how they embarked on their journeys to create content for these RPG universes.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Insights: Delve into the creative process and design philosophies of your favorite game designers, writers, and artists. Discover what inspires them, and gain valuable tips on how to bring your own Traveller and Cepheus Engine campaigns to life.
  • Future Visions: Explore the exciting new projects these notable figures are working on, and get a sneak peek into the future of Traveller and Cepheus Engine. Find out what's in store for these ever-expanding RPG universes.
  • Personal Favorites: Hear about their favorite Traveller and Cepheus Engine adventures, characters, and memorable gaming moments. Uncover hidden gems and gather inspiration for your own campaigns.
  • Tips for Success: Gain invaluable advice on how to improve your skills as a Game Master, player, or content creator. Learn from the experts and level up your Traveller and Cepheus Engine gaming experience.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the masters of the Traveller and Cepheus Engine worlds during the Traveller RPG Mayday event. Stay tuned for the release of these exclusive interviews, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the stars.

Make sure you follow our blog and social media channels to receive the latest updates on the Mayday event and our exclusive interviews. Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and let's celebrate the incredible worlds of Traveller and Cepheus Engine together!

Join us on May 1st for an interview podcast!

Marc Miller- Keynote

CEO, Far Future Enterprises

6:00 pm Mountain Time
Running Time: 99 min

Are you a fan of the classic science fiction role-playing game Traveller? Do you want to know more about its origins, development, and future plans? Then you won't want to miss our upcoming interview with the legendary game designer, Marc Miller!

Miller is a prolific and influential figure in the gaming industry, known for co-founding Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) and creating the iconic role-playing game Traveller. With over 40 years of experience in game design and publishing, Miller has a wealth of knowledge and insights to share with fellow gamers and enthusiasts.

In our exclusive interview, Miller will discuss his inspiration for creating Traveller, the challenges he faced during its development, and his thoughts on its enduring popularity. He'll also give us a glimpse into his current projects and plans for the future of Traveller.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the game or a newcomer curious about its origins, you won't want to miss this rare opportunity to hear from one of the most respected figures in the gaming world. So mark your calendars and be sure to tune in for our interview with Marc Miller on Traveller RPG!

Matthew Sprange

CEO, Mongoose Publishing

5:00 pm Mountain Time
Running Time: 59 min

Are you a fan of Traveller RPG? If so, you won't want to miss our upcoming interview with Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing, one of the top publishers of Traveller RPG content.

During our interview, we'll dive deep into the world of Traveller RPG and explore the game's history, gameplay mechanics, and the creative process behind designing and publishing new content. Matthew will share his insights on what makes Traveller RPG such a beloved game and how he and his team at Mongoose Publishing approach creating new content for the game.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Traveller RPG or are new to the game, this interview is a must-watch. Matthew has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the tabletop gaming industry and his insights are sure to provide valuable information and inspiration for anyone interested in the game.

So mark your calendars and join us for this exciting interview with Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing. You won't want to miss it!


Christopher Griffen

Traveller Writer, Mongoose Publishing

3:30 pm Mountain Time
Running Time: 82 min

Don't miss our upcoming interview with Christopher Griffen, one of the lead writers for Mongoose Publishing and author of Traveller RPG titles such as High Guard Update 2022, The Glorious Empire, Makergod, Singularity, and more.

In this exclusive interview, we discuss his personal journey in the gaming industry, his role in contributing to the Traveller RPG system, his approach to balancing rules and narrative, and much more. Plus, learn about some exciting upcoming projects from Mongoose Publishing. Stay tuned for this must-read interview for any Traveller RPG fan!


Ken Burnside

President, Ad Astra Games

Mike Llaneza

Traveller Line Developer, Ad Astra Games

2:00 pm Mountain Time
Running Time: 90 min

Are you a fan of tabletop space combat games? Then get ready for an exciting interview with Ken Burnside and Mike Llaneza of Ad Astra Games!

Ad Astra Games is known for its unique 3D starship combat simulator, Squadron Strike, which can be played with miniatures or their online 3D interface. In our upcoming interview, we dive deep into the history and philosophy of Ad Astra Games, their experience in the tabletop gaming industry, and how it has influenced their design philosophy.

We also talk about their involvement with the Traveller RPG license and the creation of a Traveller-specific version of Squadron Strike. Find out the key differences between the Traveller version and the standard version, and what kind of feedback they've received from the Traveller community.

But that's not all! Ken and Mike also share their favorite sci-fi books, movies, or TV shows, and how it has influenced their work. We also discuss their plans and exciting new projects that Ad Astra Games has planned for the future.

Join us for an engaging and informative discussion about game design and community, and discover what it takes to start your own game publishing company. Don't miss out on this interview with Ken Burnside and Mike Llaneza of Ad Astra Games!

Stay tuned for the full interview and don't forget to visit their website to find out more about their products and where to follow them.


Craig A. Glesner

President, Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC

1:00 pm Mountain Time
Running Time: 55 min

Join us for an exclusive interview with Craig A. Glesner, the talented author of the Herald Class Yacht deck plans for Traveller 5! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process and learn about the inspiration behind these beautifully detailed deck plans. This is an event you won't want to miss if you're a Traveller fan or just interested in game design.

So mark your calendar and join us for this exciting interview with Craig A. Glesner!


John Watts

CEO, Independence Games

11:30 am Mountain Time
Running Time: 86 min

Discover the Fascinating World of Clement Sector Third Edition and Rider with John Watts of Independence Games

Join us for an exclusive interview with John Watts, a talented game designer, and publisher behind Independence Games. In this interview, John will discuss his planned releases for Clement Sector Third Edition, a thrilling sci-fi RPG, and his old-west-themed RPG Rider, along with his exciting projects for the upcoming year.

During the interview, John will talk about the origins of Independence Games, his passion for game design, and the challenges of producing games under the Traveller Open Gaming License. He will also share his insights into some of his latest releases, including GEAR Book, Roosevelt-class Intercept Destroyer, Ports of Entry, Badge: Law Enforcement in Clement Sector, Famous Characters of the Old West, and Keith Frye Memorial Bundle at DTRPG.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn more about the world of Clement Sector and Rider, get insider tips on game design, and discover the latest releases from Independence Games. Tune in to our upcoming interview with John Watts and stay tuned for more exciting RPG news and updates!


Omer Golan-Joel

CEO, Stellagama Publishing

10:30 am Mountain Time
Running Time: 47 min

Omer Golan-Joel of Stellagama Publishing joins us for an interview on his latest projects and upcoming releases. As an indie publisher in the tabletop gaming industry, Omer shares his experiences on the challenges of getting started, adapting to changes in the Open Gaming License, and promoting products.

We delve into the role of virtual tabletops in the industry, as well as the evolving nature of the sci-fi and sword & sorcery RPG genres. Omer talks about the feedback loop with players and fans and shares some details on upcoming releases and what players can expect from them.


Neil Thorpe

CEO, 2D Storyteller

9:30 am Mountain Time
Running Time: 35 min

Don't miss our exclusive interview with Neil Thorpe, the mastermind behind the stunning 3D animated battle maps that have taken the virtual tabletop gaming world by storm! Join us as we delve into his creative process, learn about his inspiration, and get valuable insights on how to incorporate his stunning battle maps into your next RPG session. Neil shares his tips and tricks for creating unique terrain features, his approach to balancing visual aesthetics with gameplay mechanics, and his methods for incorporating player feedback into his work.

He also gives us a sneak peek into his upcoming projects and shares his goals for the future of his 3D animated battle map creations. If you're an aspiring artist or designer looking to break into the virtual tabletop gaming industry, Neil has some advice for you too! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect with Neil and learn about his groundbreaking work.


Jeff Kazmierski

CEO, Amber Zoned Comix

8:30 am Mountain Time
Running Time: 43 min

You won't want to miss my upcoming interview with Jeff Kazmierski, founder of the Zhodani Language Institute and author of the Traveller-themed comic book, Amber Zoned Comix.

In this exciting interview, we'll delve into Jeff's experience creating the comic book and his passion for the Traveller universe. We'll also explore the unique challenges of creating a language for the Zhodani race and the resources available to fans who want to learn more.

As a long-time Traveller fan and aficionado, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table, and this interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in the Traveller universe. So mark your calendars and join us as we explore the worlds and characters of Traveller through the eyes of Jeff Kazmierski.


Interview With A Hiver

8:00 am Mountain Time
Running Time: 25 min

Join us for an exclusive interview with M. Talleyrand, an ambassador from the Hive Federation, as it shares unique insights into interstellar diplomacy and relations with humans. Discover fascinating aspects of the Hiver species' biology and physiology, the challenges of interstellar travel, and their views on technology and governance. Gain valuable perspective on the differences and similarities between Hiver and human cultures, as well as effective strategies for resolving conflicts and achieving peace in the galaxy. Talleyrand also shares memorable interactions with humans and other alien species and their thoughts on the most important skills for human ambassadors in intergalactic relations. Don't miss this intriguing interview, as we explore the complex world of interstellar diplomacy and the future of space exploration.




Play Traveller Online

 April 28-April 30, 2023

Join a game as a player or host a game as a GM in a virtual tabletop from the comfort of your home computer.

Hosted by our friends at Virtual Traveller and scheduled through Tabletop Events, you can register for games here 

Current Game Schedule

You can find the current list of games available here:

Current Mayday 2023 Games Schedule

Latest Info

SAFCOcast 33: Talking MayDay 2023 with Ken Patterson

GMs Needed!

And, if you are feeling really generous, please consider GMing a game (or two). We have 3 days to choose from - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and best of all - YOU get to pick the start time!

Gaming Without Limits!

Unlike a brick-and-mortar con, we are NOT limited by room size, # of tables, the tyranny of the clock face, or the pesky Fire Marshall.  Just pick it and sit it!

You can even have more time for your game; play longer than the traditional 4-hour block if you want to.

BUT, players should be aware of overlapping game times when they choose which games they want to play.

Register Now!

Send your X-Boat message to VR-459, and address it to Junior Samples - OR WAIT! - better yet, just follow the link below, do it yourself, and get immediate satisfaction.

Once there, you will see helpful, handy buttons labeled: "Buy Badges," "Buy Tickets," and "Submit Games" on the front page, upper right-hand corner.

If you are new to Tabletop, feel free to contact Kenneth Patterson or Greg Caires who can help you navigate and to help you get exactly what you want and are looking for. 

REGISTER NOW!:  Traveller RPG Mayday Mayday Celebration Online Games




Demo Of Squadron Strike: Traveller

When: April 29, 30, 2023, 3 PM EST

Where: Ad Astra Discord Server, Check This Channel

Join us for an adrenaline-fueled weekend of action-packed space combat at the Mayday event! Ad Astra Games is proud to present our Squadron Strike minis game demos, featuring their lightweight Newton's Cradle setting on Saturday at 3 PM and a thrilling Traveller follow-up on Sunday at 3 PM. Learn to pilot a spaceship with Newtonian mechanics in full 3D!

Squadron Strike lets you make any ship from any universe, in full 3D, and can be described as a flight simulator for people with slow eyesight and bad reflexes! All you need is a mouse, a headset, and 4 hours to play, everything else is provided!

Don't miss out on this chance to experience the excitement and adventure of Squadron Strike at the Mayday event. See you there on the last weekend of April, the 29th and 30th!



Play with a Purpose

Keith Frye Fundraiser Game 

April 29, 2023, @1:00pm Central

Join us for a special event at Traveller Mayday Mayday 2023 - the Keith Frye Fundraiser Game! This year, we are raising money to help with Keith Frye's Final Jump expenses.

Keith Frye was the founder of TravellerCon/USA and a beloved member of the Traveller RPG community. He brought joy, humor, and structure to the con each year, and his passing has left us deeply saddened. We want to honor his memory by coming together to support his family during this difficult time.

The fundraiser game will take place on April 29, 2023, at 1:00 pm Central. You can donate to the cause and watch the game live on the Traveller's Aid Society YouTube channel. By making pledges, you'll earn Boons and Banes that allow you to affect the outcome of the game.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards Keith Frye's Final Jump expenses. If you can't make it to the fundraiser, you can still help by donating to GoFundMe for Keith Frye.

Let's come together as a community to support Keith Frye's family and honor his memory. Join us for the Keith Frye Fundraiser Game and play with a purpose.

Organized by the Traveller's Aid Society.

This Year's Scenario:

Prince Lucan is suffering from a severe case of ennui, despite the month-long celebration of his 11th birthday. Surrounded by Nobles from the Great Houses of the Third Imperium, Prince Royale has ordered that each family's juveniles display their knowledge of the Code Duello and perform their dueling skills: fisticuffs, swordplay, and pistols (all non-lethal of course, to the Prince's disappointment). Blood will be shed, prestige will be earned, and the Prince shall be entertained! Hopefully...

Watch the stream here:  Traveller's Aid Society YouTube Channel


Sponsor Me!

I'm playing in the fundraiser game and I could use your support!

Find out how to sponsor me here.


A Message From The Emperor

Regarding the Keith Frye Fundraiser Game


Other Ways You Can Help

I'm proud to support this cause - please check out this crazy good bundle deal - proceeds go to the Keith Frye Memorial Fund

This bundle contains the following titles:

  1. Always Be Prepared - a Cepheus Adventure
  2. Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture Third Edition
  3. Cepheus Deluxe Enhanced Edition
  4. Class E Starports
  5. Clement Sector Third Edition
  6. Heroes & Hardships Quickstart Guide
  7. Locale: Startowns
  8. Mainstay Class Freighter
  9. Marches Adventure 1: High and Dry
  10. Mirror Image - Adventure for Cepheus RPG
  11. Solis People of the Sun
  12. Solo
  13. Starship Deck Plans For VTT: Newton-Class Lab Ship
  14. Terra Arisen
  15. Traveller: Explorer's Edition
  16. What's Wrong With The Ship? Vol 1

a $150 value for just $30 (a savings of 80%)

Grab your bundle NOW!

Keith Frye Memorial Bundle




Random Prize Drawings

Are you ready to take part in the ultimate virtual adventure? Join us for the 5th annual Traveller Mayday Mayday event, where we're giving away some incredible prizes! Our generous sponsors have donated a range of amazing goodies, and we'll be doing random drawings throughout the day for "Door Prizes" - that means you could win big just by registering!

And that's not all - at the end of the event, one lucky winner will walk away with the ultimate Grand Prize: a bundle containing every single door prize we've given away during the event! It's the perfect way to end a day filled with excitement and fun.

So mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable day of virtual Traveller RPG action. Who knows? You could be our next lucky winner!

All prizes are digital download editions unless otherwise noted.

Unclaimed prizes will go back into the Prize Pool and an alternate winner will be drawn.

Prize Sponsors

Frank Succardi / CyborgPrime Games


Marc Miller / Far Future Enterprises


Matthew Sprange / Mongoose Publishing

Grand Prize:

  • add High Guard Collectors Edition (Signed by everyone at Mongoose HQ)


Omer Golan-Joel / Stellagama Publishing


John Watts/ Independence Games

Craig A. Glesner / Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC


Ken Burnside / Ad Astra Games

Grand Prize:


Jeff Kazmierski / Amber Zoned Comix / Zhodani Language Institute

Grand Prize:


Matthew Kerwin / Arcanic Fortress


Bryan Gough / Ransom Planet Games

Grand Prize:


Bob Loftin / Safcocast


Register NOW to Enter the Mayday 2023 Prize Drawing!

YES! I want to register for the prize drawings!




After-hours Hangout

* All times are Mountain Time (UTC -6)
8:00 pm - Close

Join artists, programmers, and other personalities from our Traveller community of over 1600 members in our after-hours hangout.

Chat, mingle, or just lurk on our private Discord server.


Carousing Competition

"Carousing is the art of socialising; having fun, but also ensuring other people have fun, and infectious good humour. It also covers social awareness and subterfuge in such situations."
- Mongoose 2ed

So here's the challenge:

Come up with a Traveller-themed poem, joke, song, limerick, riddle, or (very) short story and present it to us on Mayday.

Show us your infectious good humor and help us make sure people are having fun!

Entries will be judged by a panel of judges and the winner will get a prize for their efforts.

Come show off your carousing skills at the After-hours Hangout!



Player Discussion Panel

We have our volunteer crew of Traveller players doing a live panel discussion during the event.

We make wisecracks, have special insights, and discuss our experiences playing the game we all love.



Looking for a way to support the event? Consider becoming a sponsor!

We are seeking sponsors who are interested in supporting our event through prize donations or financial contributions.

Donations can be in the form of DriveThruRPG gift certificates or cash towards gift certificates, to be given away as prizes to attendees.

Alternatively, donations can also support the production and crew of the event.  Our crew likes to be fed and play games, so your cash donation will be turned into gift cards for our staff's favorite local eatery (our production crew is from the US, Canada, and Australia). The crew also like DriveThruRPG gift cards as well as Steam gift cards.

As a sponsor, you will not only be supporting our event and helping us provide a great experience for attendees, but you will also have the opportunity to promote your products or services to a highly engaged audience. We will prominently feature our sponsors on our event page, social media, and during the event itself.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be happy to discuss the details and options with you.

Thank you for considering supporting our event!


Production Sponsor

A Shout Out to one of the Mayday Production Sponsors. DSar helps fund the backstage production costs, so thank you VERY much DSar!

DSar Call of Duty Livestream




Contact Us

If you have any questions about the event, want to sponsor a prize or an activity, want to volunteer, or just have questions or comments, we'd LOVE to hear them!

Traveller Mayday Event Sponsor
Frank Succardi aka CyborgPrime (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)







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