Starship Deck Plans For VTT: Sultana-Class Far Trader

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$5.99 each

Sultana-Class Far Trader Deck Plans For VTT

For Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, and other popular VTT platforms.

Your players need a ship for their adventures!

The Far Trader starship is the dependable and popular ship many new players choose to start their merchant adventures.

As a mustering-out benefit or the first ship a player can afford to purchase (or borrow), the classic Far Trader merchant starship is just the right size for a small crew to manage and provides opportunities for hauling cargo or passengers.

What Comes In This Multi-level Map Pack:

  • Two high-resolution, large, fully detailed battlemaps detailing the upper and lower decks of a Sultana-Class Far Trader merchant ship.
    • Each map is 21x34x150 grid, 3150x5100 pixels (JPG)
    • With and without grid
    • Furnished and unfurnished staterooms and commons (decorate your own ship using internet assets or furniture packs from CyborgPrime - coming soon)
  • Wireframe player handout/GM key
  • Removable G-Carrier for vehicle bay.
  • Ship Guide- A detailed description of all areas of the ship
  • Detailed installation instructions for hassle-free use.  Be up and running in minutes!

Sultana Low Res Preview

sultana low res preview



Sultana Detail Closeups

Sultana Detail View



  • High-resolution graphics detailing the internal deck plans of a classic Sultana-Class Far Trader starship maintains detail even at high zoom levels.
  • Visualize the interiors of starships for your sci-fi RPG, adding a level of realism and immersion for your players.
  • See, at a glance, how much cargo space you have left, where players and NPC's are located, etc.
  • Use the "unfurnished" map version to allow your characters to place their furniture and customize their rooms, cargo bay, and crew commons.
  • Use this as your player's home and base of operations, or as a battle map for boarding actions or exploring derelict ships.
  • Customize your ship using standard stock furniture from the Roll20 archive, or use themed furniture packs from CyborgPrime Games (coming soon).
  • Helps relay the relative size and position of features of the game world.
  • 18 detailed areas for your characters to explore or call "home".

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Start Your Fleet Today!

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