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traveller rpg character creation video

Traveller RPG Character Creation - Nick Nova (E3)

Traveller RPG is a skills-based system with a unique character creation system.  In the early editions, characters were known to die during character creation!

how to play traveller - understanding traveller

Relating to Traveller RPG - Nick Nova (E2)

So now you know what the Traveller RPG tabletop game is about, but what do you do and how do you play Traveller?

introduction to traveller rpg - nick nova

Introduction to Traveller RPG - Nick Nova (E1)

I got this idea for a Traveller blog that takes place inside the Traveller universe... kinda meta.

cyborgprimes first patreon video

Patreon: CyborgPrime's First Sci-fi Patreon Promo Video

Trying to find a way out of a crappy job situation and dreaming of making a living doing something I love, I found the Patreon platform...