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CyborgPrime Games And Stellagama Publishing Form Partnership

CyborgPrime Games And Stellagama Publishing Form Partnership

A new partnership with Stellagama Publishing brings the Terran/Reticulan conflict, as well as ships and settings from These Stars Are Ours to the online virtual tabletop with a new line of TSAO licensed VTT maps.

CyborgPrime Games Bands Together With Stellagama Publishing

In an effort to bring indie games to the virtual tabletop (VTT), CyborgPrime Games has been seeking partnerships with other indie publishers.

We are excited to announce our 3rd licensing partner, Stellagama Publishing, will be working closely with us to provide VTT maps for their popular These Stars Are Ours sci-fi game and setting.

rider old west rpg

These Stars Are Ours Comes To VTT!

Our VTT maps will provide players of These Stars Are Ours with settings for their adventures.

Some planned maps:

  • Liberty-Class Freighter plus Variations
  • All Ship Deck Plans included in the TSAO Core Rulebook, including:
    • Cicek Raider
    • Decommissioned Shaka
    • Military Shaka
    • Reticulan Abductor
    • Reticulan Small Craft Saucers
    • Ssesslessian Infiltrator
    • Zhuzzh Scavenger
  • All Ship Deck Plans from the popular UFO expansion, including:
    • Reticulan Scout
    • Reticulan Trader
    • Reticulan Frigate
    • Reticulan Tender
    • Reticulan Carrier
  • All Starship Deck Plans from the Uranium Fever! expansion, including:
    • Various Mining Facilities
    • Kobold-Class Gig
    • Bucca-Class Prospector
    • Coblynau-Class Miner

We are super-excited about joining forces with Stellagama Publishing and look forward to mutual success!

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