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CyborgPrime And Thornwood-Daarnulud Form Partnership

CyborgPrime And Thornwood-Daarnulud Form Partnership

Have you always wanted more starship deck plans of your favorite paper-based ships for VTT? Good news!  CyborgPrime Games has partnered with Thornwood-Daarnulud to bring you the Herald-Class Yacht for VTT!

CyborgPrime Games Joins Forces With Thornwood-Daarnulud

In order to expand the catalog of ship deck plans available to our VTT customers, CyborgPrime Games are seeking partnerships with other publishers.

The first publisher to come onboard is Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC, one of our original Mayday Mayday Event participants!

CyborgPrime Games will work closely with Thornwood-Daarnulud to create an accurate VTT version of the Herald-Class Yacht deck plans.


herald-class yacht

The Herald-Class Yacht

This luxurious craft is suitable for the most discerning Merchant Prince, Diplomat, Executive, or any other VIP traveling the cosmos in style.

Soon, VTT players will experience the impeccable luxury known as the Herald Yacht.


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