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Mayday! Traveller RPG Day 2020 Event Summary

Mayday! Traveller RPG Day 2020 Event Summary

We celebrated Traveller RPG Day 2020 on May 1st with our 2nd Annual "Mayday, Mayday!" Event.  So what goes on at a virtual Traveller convention?  Read on to find out!

Mayday! Mayday!
Traveller RPG Day 2020 Event Summary

On May 1st of 2020, CyborgPrime Games hosted the 2nd annual “Mayday, Mayday! Traveller RPG Day” event.

The event was a virtual Traveller Convention that featured interviews, a charity Traveller game streamed on Twitch, trivia games, a live discussion panel of Traveller players, prize giveaways, and more.

This was a free event, run by volunteer Traveller enthusiasts for the Traveller community. 

The goal was to increase awareness of the Traveller sci-fi roleplaying game, facilitate networking opportunities between players, answer questions about Traveller, and to help grow and cultivate the Traveller RPG community.


Event guests attended virtually by joining us in our live Discord studio, or by watching any of the streams we were broadcasting.

We had higher attendance this year than we had last year.

This year we broadcasted our live-stream across 3 internet platforms: Discord, YouTube, and Twitch.

With all platforms combined, we had 288 viewers, with 57 concurrent viewers.

The Event streamed live for 9 hours and 45 minutes straight.

Thank You, Prize Winners

We had a random prize drawing for a great prize pack full of goodies that included:

Kevis S won the Grand Prize drawing and has a week to claim their prize.  Kevin S, check your email, please!

Pheanox won one of the 2nd-place prize packs for answering a trivia question about the movie “Aliens”.

LordTygger won one of the other 2nd-place prize packs for coming up with the best 3 symptoms for recognizing space madness.

Thank You, Marc Miller

Keynote Speaker

Thank you, Marc Miller, of Far Future Enterprises, for being so generous with your time, and for creating the game we all love to play.  You have inspired the imagination of countless sci-fi RPG enthusiasts.  Thank you for sitting for an interview and for giving us a look into the origins of Traveller.

Thank You, Matthew Sprange

Featured Speaker

Thank you, Matthew Sprange, of Mongoose Publishing, for your contributions to developing and expanding the Traveller game and its universe.  The resources and content you have provided give us thousands of hours of enjoyable play.  Thanks for your interesting and informative interview, and thanks for creating Mongoose Publishing; a great resource for the Traveller community.

Thank You, Special Guest Speakers

Thank you to our other special guests, for creating imaginative, creative, and compelling content for the sci-fi RPG community.  Thank you, also for taking the time to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your history and your product line.

Thanks for your support of the Traveller community and the community at Traveller RPG Headquarters on Facebook.

Thank You, Patrick Kanouse

Charity Game GM

This year we worked in cooperation with Patrick Kanouse, The Death Die Club, and High Shelf Gaming to support a charity Traveller live game stream on Twitch.

Patrick ran the adventure Murder on Arcturus Station on the High Shelf Gaming channel on Twitch.  Many prizes were given away and people donated generously to the fundraiser.

Patrick and his sponsors raised $1600 for the carcinoid cancer foundation. 

Thank you to everybody who contributed to this worthy cause!

Thank You, Sponsors

This year our sponsors were extra generous; our prize bundle was the most valuable we’ve ever given away.

I want to thank the following prize sponsors for their generous donations:

Your support for this event and the Traveller gaming community, in general, is greatly appreciated!

Thank You, Volunteers

Thank you to the volunteers who made this production possible.


Frank Succardi of CyborgPrime Games

The Crew

  • Ian Braide
  • David Copes
  • Will Ehgoetz
  • Mark Metcalf
  • Adrian Morgan

You guys are the best crew I could imagine - thank you so much for making this event happen; it would not have been possible without you!

The event went off pretty much without a hitch.  Thanks for making it go so smoothly.  You took a lot of stress off my back.

Thank You, Discord Users

We hosted the event live on the Traveller RPG Headquarters Discord server.

We live-streamed the event from the Mayday 2020 channel on the Discord server. 

Users interacted, networked with other gamers, asked questions, made comments, played games, connected with vendors, and generally had a fun time at our virtual game convention.

Thank You, YouTube And Twitch Users

Thank you to everybody who tuned in on YouTube and Twitch and helped us set an internal record for most views and most concurrent viewers.

Thank you for helping us test the streams ahead of the live broadcast; your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank You, Patreon Supporters

Thank you to my Patreon supporters.

Your continued show of support and encouragement has given me the inspiration to create great sci-fi gaming content, such as this live virtual gaming convention.

Patreon Video Supporters

  • Ethan Burdeau
  • Adrian Morgan
  • Jay Turley
  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly

Thank you so much for the confidence and support you have shown me.

Thank You, My Family

And finally, a special thank you to my wife, Brandie Succardi, who's love and support made this event possible.

She kept my glass filled with refreshing drinks so my mouth wouldn't dry out, she reminded me to get up and stretch, and she brought me snacks and kept the dogs quiet while I was live on the air.

Thank you, dear wife, I love you!


The event was well-attended, we had twice as many interviews as we did last year, attendance was up, sponsors we more generous than ever, we reached the largest audience ever, gave away the most prizes, and had a great time getting to know the content creators and players in the Traveller RPG community.

Join us next year for this virtual event, and keep an eye out for our next event, which is the Bubonicon Sci-fi Convention in Albuquerque, NM in August of 2020 (Covid allowing).


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