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Sci-fi Random Body Loot Generator

Sci-fi Random Body Loot Generator

You board a derelict ship and find the entire crew is dead...  You decide to help yourself to their belongings.  What's in their pockets?  Find out with our Sci-fi RPG Loot Generator!

Sci-fi RPG Random Loot Generator

Searching their pockets for goodies?  Click the button below to find out what's in their pockets!

What's in its pockets:

Random Loot Generator: Sci-fi Edition

"What's it gots in its pocketses?"

It's the age-old question.

Whether you are searching the bodies of a fallen enemy (or comrade) on a battlefield on a far-away world, checking the pockets of the unconscious guy at the bar, or checking bodies for helpful resources, looting bodies is something you end up doing at one point or another during your travels.

But is looting immoral?  Well, that depends on how you came to be looting a dead body.  Is it a random dead body?  A friend?  An enemy? Are you really that needy?  These are just a few of the things you might consider.

Ok so whether it’s moral or not is up for discussion, but what exactly constitutes “looting”?  Let’s check the definition and some synonyms for our favorite thing to do when gaming.


Looting Definition

Webster’s Dictionary Defines Looting- to plunder or sack in war, to rob, especially on a large scale and usually by violence or corruption, to seize and carry away by force, especially in war.

So looting, by definition, is very much akin to “plundering”.

A common, casual definition might be something like:

Looting- to carry off or take (something) as spoils or plunder, taken by pillaging, as in war.  Also: anything that was taken by dishonesty, force, stealth, etc.

The dead cannot protest or give consent, therefore, you are pillaging the corpse.  In effect, you are grave-robbing!


Looting Synonyms

There are many words to describe the action of liberating somebody from their belongings: burglarize, raid, pillage, rob, snatch, plunder, gut, grab, ransack, boost, thieve, loft, liberate, make, swipe, sack, despoil, relieve, appropriate, and lift.


So, What Is In The Pocketses?

When creating this random loot generator for searching sci-fi bodies, I had to consider a few things.

What is somebody from the future carrying around with them?  Some loose credits?  Some trade items?  A memento?  Something for self-protection?  Would people in the future wear jewelry or carry around crystals or gems?  Would they even use money at all?

While it could be argued that what’s in somebody’s pockets could have something to do with their Tech Level and maybe their profession, I wanted to make a quick and simple generator you could use in a pinch for the generic dead starship crewmember or expired Imperial citizen you happen to run across in your travels.



Not everything you find in their pockets is helpful, useful, or valuable.

Hey, why is this guy dead, anyway?

Maybe he has something contagious?  A blood-borne virus, perhaps?  A pathogen that spreads by touch, or from breathing the air?  Maybe whatever killed this person is still nearby?

While the overwhelming majority of items found in the pockets of sci-fi personnel are mundane, personal items, some things can be downright dangerous!



Well, that’s all I could think of for what might be in the pockets of random dead sci-fi personnel.

I hope you enjoyed my Loot The Body Sci-Fi RPG Random Loot Generator!

Can you think of anything I missed? 

If you can think of some likely pocket goodies, post them in the comments below and maybe I’ll add them to the generator.

Until next time: Happy Travelling!

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