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The Fine Art of Exploration: A Guide to Survival and Exploration Skills in Traveller RPG

In Mongoose Traveller RPG, players need exploration and survival skills for investigating planets and enduring hazardous conditions. This guide provides an overview of those skills with practical advice for gameplay.

(Part 9 of the 11-part series, "The Ultimate Guide to Playing Mongoose Traveller RPG")

Exploration and survival in space can be a unique and rewarding experience for players. The journey requires creativity, resourcefulness, and can lead to financial gain, discoveries, or valuable items.

This guide covers the basics of exploration and survival in Traveller, including character creation, skills, equipment, and preparation. It also outlines how to use exploration and survival skills in action, and summarizes the benefits of exploring and surviving in Traveller.

Exploration and Survival In Traveller RPG

Investigation skills are crucial for successful exploration missions. Characters need a keen eye and sharp mind to solve mysteries or observe new species in their natural habitats. The explorer must also recognize and interpret signs and information present in the environment. For instance, recognizing patterns in the terrain can help identify the best location for base camps and food sources.

Accurately mapping the environment is also vital for explorers. It involves charting a safe course and considering factors such as gravitational pull, atmosphere composition, and other environmental elements. Accurate mapping of winding corridors and chambers is essential in uncovering secrets without getting lost.

Survival skills are equally important for adventurers. They must be prepared to face any challenge, from navigating asteroid fields to finding a safe route through a hostile environment. Spotting signs of an impending natural disaster, monitoring the activity of a strange alien race, and tracking a dangerous creature through a dense jungle are all essential survival skills.

The explorer must also recognize and avoid danger, such as quicksand, unstable walking surfaces, and predator hunting grounds.

Finally, the explorer must be prepared to face the unexpected.  From detecting a long-lost spacecraft to investigating a strange anomaly in space-time, the explorer must be able to think on their feet and adapt to any situation.  The explorer must be able to make quick decisions and take calculated risks to succeed in their mission.

Basics of Exploration and Survival

When creating a character in Traveller, players should consider the skills and equipment necessary for exploration and survival.  Players should select Careers and choose Background Skills that are more likely to give them experience with exploration, investigation, and survival.  

Players should try for skills such as the following:

  • Animals
  • Astrogation
  • Athletics (Endurance)
  • Electronics (Communications)
  • Electronics (Sensors)
  • Investigate
  • Language
  • Mechanic
  • Medic
  • Navigation
  • Recon
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Vacc Suit

There are a variety of skills characters will find useful for survival and exploration during play.

Science Skills

Science specialty skills are also important for exploration and survival in Mongoose Traveller RPG.  Skills such as Science (Geography), Science (Anthropology), Science (Archaeology), Persuade, Diplomat, and Steward can help characters identify potential hazards, negotiate with the locals, and plan for any potential obstacles.

Exploration Skills

Exploration skills are essential for navigating dangerous environments and investigating clues.  Skills such as Navigation, Animal (Handling), Investigate, and Recon can help players find their way in unfamiliar terrain and uncover hidden secrets.

Survival Skills

Survival skills are important for staying alive in hostile environments.  Skills such as foraging, shelter building, and wilderness survival all fall under the Survival skill and can help characters find food and shelter in the wilderness.

Gear And Supplies

Exploration and survival require appropriate gear and supplies. Players should select items like compasses, tents, canteens, water filters, maps or mapping drones, rations/MREs, and a first-aid kit or medkit. They should also consider items such as a flashlight, fire starter, multi-tool, and glow sticks.

Preparing For Adventure

Once characters have acquired the appropriate skills and equipment, they should prepare for the adventure.  Players should plan their routes, research the terrain, and practice their skills.  They should also stock up on supplies and make sure their equipment is in good working order.

Exploration and Survival in Action

Characters engaged in exploration activities will often be investigating and deciphering clues, navigating hazardous environments, and locating food and shelter.

Investigating Clues

Investigating clues is an important aspect of exploration and survival in Traveller.  Characters should use their knowledge and skills to identify potential hazards and their exploration skills to uncover hidden secrets.  They should also use their survival skills to navigate the dangerous terrain and search for clues about where to find food and shelter.

Navigating Dangerous Environments

Characters should use their knowledge and exploration skills to identify potential hazards and their survival skills to traverse difficult terrain. Appropriate gear and supplies, such as medical kits, panaceas, binoculars, bio-scanners, Geiger counters, life scanners, breather masks, and climbing kits can all be useful in crossing hazardous terrain.

Foraging For Food

Characters should use their knowledge and survival skills to identify edible plants and locate food and drinkable water sources. They should also ensure they have the appropriate food supplies, such as pre-packaged rations and water filters/purifiers, so they don't have to rely on foraging.

Building Camps and Shelters

Using Recon and Survival skills to identify suitable locations and constructing shelters is important for protecting oneself from exposure to the elements. Basic equipment like tents, tarps, and cargo straps are essential for building shelters.

Go Exploring!

Exploring and surviving in the Mongoose Traveller RPG can be a thrilling experience. With the right skills and preparation, players can uncover valuable treasures and knowledge. Whether it's mapping a new star system for the Scout service or charting a course through a strange cave network, the brave adventurer who is willing to push the boundaries of the unknown can be rewarded.

So, if you're looking for a challenge and a thrilling adventure, why not explore the unknown with Mongoose Traveller RPG? With the right investigation and survival skills, you're sure to have a journey you'll never forget!


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