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Craig A Glesner Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC Interview Traveller Mayday 2024

Dive into our special Mayday 2024 interview with CraigA. Glesner, exploring the future of Traveller RPG and his unique game design insights.



Video Description: 📖
Welcome to the Traveler Mayday Mayday event 2024! 🚀

I'm your host, Frank Succardi, from CyborgPrime Games. Today, we are thrilled to have Craig Glesner from Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC join us for an engaging interview.

🔹 About the Episode:
Join us as Craig shares his intriguing journey to becoming a passionate Traveller enthusiast. Discover his unique perspectives on creating characters, his experiences with the Traveller community, and the development of his own game elements. Craig's storytelling brings a personal touch to his creations, including the acclaimed Herald Class Yacht sourcebook.

🔹 Highlights of the Interview:

  • Insight into the development of the Herald Class Yacht.
  • Discussions on player dynamics and ship mechanics in Traveler.
  • Craig's personal struggles with health and how it influences his game design philosophy.
  • Future projects and aspirations within the Traveler universe.

Timestamps: ⏰
00:00 - Introduction

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Herald Class Yacht

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