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Humanoid Resources Dept.: Agent

Humanoid Resources Dept.: Agent

Do you need background characters, sidekicks, NPCs, or pre-rolled characters for your sci-fi RPG or novel?  Recruit qualified personnel from Humanoid Resources Dept.  Here's an Agent character for you.

Traveller RPG Character: Agent

sci fi agent

NAME: Aron Typho

ALIAS: "QuickBlade", Johnny Wu

CAREER: AGENT (Intelligence)

AGE: 38

UPP: 89A9C5


Admin 1, Advocate 0, Art (Holography) 1, Athletics 0, Deception 3, Drive 0, Electronics (Computers) 1, Gun Combat 0, Medic 0, Melee (Unarmed) 1, Melee (Blade) 1, Recon 2, Stealth 0, Streetwise 3, Survival 0

Aron Typho grew up on a high-population, high-tech world where he learned athletics, streetwise, carouse, and drive.

At age 18 he decided to leave home and enroll in the local University.  War broke out and the government would not make deferments for students; Aron was threatened with the draft.  Being a person who likes to avoid direct conflict, Aron decided to hitch a ride to the nearest world that didn’t have a war raging. 

He spent a few years traveling from world to world, doing sketchy jobs, and living hand-to-mouth.  He relied on his streetwise skills to survive and he thrived as a look-out for a minor crime gang. 

When the war on his homeworld ended, his parents called him home and implored him to follow his original dreams of going to university.  He was tired of the hard life of wandering the stars and agreed to return home.

Aron was accepted at the university where he majored in Administration with a minor in Advocacy.  Aron was a good student, but he got involved in the study of the art of holography.  He became obsessed with holographic art and his studies went to the wayside. 

Aron never graduated from university but managed to become a respectable hologram artist.  He toured around the local group of star systems, doing minor art shows and supplementing his income with sketchy jobs from the gang he used to be associated with.  Aron helped his gang pull off a major heist using his holography skills.  Unfortunately, a snitch sold him out to the authorities.

Aron was given a choice: use his streetwise, deception, and hologram skills in service of a secret government organization, or disappear in jail forever.  Aron chose to serve two terms in the Intelligence Agency, where he excelled.

Aron went into deep cover as a citizen of an enemy faction where his cover was an Electronics Tech.  He worked there for many years, collecting extremely valuable intelligence and using his wits and deception to always stay a step ahead.

Aron was spotted by the snitch purely by accident.  The snitch blew Aron’s cover and he was abducted by enemy agents who nearly beat him to death and left him for dead.  Aron lost the strength in both arms, requiring medical attention to repair.  Aron was “retired” from the Intelligence Agency since his cover was blown.

Aron now takes jobs as a Shadow Agent, working for local governments, small corporations, crime syndicates, and anybody else that can pay his fee.



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