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Traveller RPG Ship Travel Time Calculator

Traveller RPG Ship Travel Time Calculator

Not sure how far or fast your ship can go?  Try this Traveller RPG Ship Travel Time Calculator!

Are We There Yet?

How long does it take to reach orbit?

How long does it take to fly to the moon?

How long does it take to fly to Mars?

Well, you can get out your calculator and try to figure it our yourself, or you can use my handy Travel Time Calculator.

How To Use The Travel Time Calculator

All you need to use the Traveller Ship Travel Time Calculator is the distance you wish to travel and the Acceleration Rating (M-Drive Thrust Rating) of your ship.

You can find the Maneuver Drive Thrust Rating in the stats listing for the particular ship, but for reference:

Ship Type   Thrust
Free/Far Trader   1G
Scout (Type 1A)   2G
Mercenary Cruiser   3G
Patrol Corvette   4G


Next, you need to know the distance you want to travel.  Here are some examples:

Destination   Distance (km)
Glasgow to Edinburgh   67
International Space Station   400
New York to Los Angeles   3,944
Geosynchronous Orbit   35,786
Earth to Moon   384,400
Minimum Safe Jump Distance
  (100 Diamaters)
Earth to Mars   225,000,000


Keep in mind that the calculator figures the constant acceleration to the halfway point, then constant deceleration to the final destination.

Of course, ships don't have to travel full speed; a Patrol Corvette can go 1, 2, 3, or 4G.  Of course going slower means the travel time increases.


Traveller Ship Travel Time Calculator

Distance (km):
Accelleration (G's):
Travel Time in Seconds:
Travel Time in Minutes:
Travel Time in Hours
Travel Time in Days


I hope you find the Traveller Ship Travel Distance Calculator a useful tool.  It can help you realize how long it takes to fly your ship around the solar system.



Looking for the Traveller RPG Ship Travel Distance Calculator?


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0 # Gerry 2022-04-27 00:52
Would also be handy to have a flagged option where deceleration at halfway could be switched off (i.e. contonue to accelerate at the G-rating until the distance is reached. handy in those situations where you're trying to outrun something (/someone) and you need to get to 100 diameters to trigger a jump in order to escape. You won't be conveniently decelerating halfway along the journey!
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+1 # Pierre Savoie 2021-01-22 22:22
Great, but maybe add a box so you have the option of entering distances in either km or in Astronomical Units (AU's), an AU is about 150 million kilometers or whatever the average Earth-orbit value is. The other box converts automatically and you still have to use km in the formula. Some versions of Traveller offer funkier ways of showing distance like logarithmic Range values and stuff.
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