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Pioneer-Class Scout Ship Deck Plans For Roll20 App And VTT

Pioneer-Class Scout Ship Deck Plans For Roll20 And VTT

You need scout ship deck plans for your virtual tabletop game. Check out my new Pioneer-Class Scout Ship Deck Plans For Roll20 AnD VTT.

Running A Traveller Game Online

This year has been a weird one for gaming.  

With the pandemic keeping everybody at home, it has been difficult to do in-person gaming.  Thankfully, we can still do role-playing games with our friends using remote tools called "virtual tabletop" (VTT).

VTT provides a virtual shared gaming environment where players and GMs can share maps, character sheets, miniatures, handouts, and dice through a graphical computer interface.


Roll20 Virtual Tabletop To The Rescue!

One popular VTT platform that has been around for years and has a pretty mature product with a large user base that runs on most computers in the web browser, is

My personal gaming group has been playing Traveller online using Roll20 for the last 2 years and it has been GREAT.  It allows me to game with people all over the world.

Now that people are having to stay home and social distance due to the COVID virus, more people play Traveller with Roll20 than ever before.


Play Traveller On Roll20

With our line of Roll20 Marketplace products, you can play Traveller online with ease.  

I create all my expansions using the Traveller and Cepheus Engine SRD so they are compatible with many popular 2d6 sci-fi systems.

You can always create your own maps for VTT systems, but why bother spending all that time and effort when you can get quality, high-resolution models, adventures, characters, and maps at reasonable prices, or even FREE?


pioneer scout deck plans pack cover


Science Fiction RPGs Need Ships

Sci-fi RPG players need ships to travel from place to place and the occasional space combat scene can add a great deal to your game.

I am creating a line of Traveller starship deck plans to use with VTT like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

I have made an effort to be as accurate as possible according to traditional specifications as far as how much space everything takes up.

I have also redesigned the interiors of classic designs to some extent.

My first in the new line of starship deck plans for Roll20 is the Pioneer-Class Scout Ship Deck Plans

My next set will be the classic Far Trader, after that, I will likely move on to original starships of my own design.


 scout ship deck plans staterooms decorated

Scout Ship Deck Plans Features

How can digital deck plans enhance your remote RPG games?

Check out these features:

  • High-resolution graphics detailing the internal deck plans of a Scout ship.
  • Visualize the interiors of starships for your sci-fi RPG.
  • Helps relay the relative size and position of features of the game world.
  • See, at a glance, how much cargo space you have left, where players and NPC's are located, etc.
  • Use the "unfurnished" map version to allow your characters to place their furniture and customize their rooms and crew commons.
  • Use this as your character's home and base of operations, or as a battle map for boarding actions or exploring derelict ships.
  • Customize your ship using standard stock furniture from the Roll20 archive, or use themed furniture packs from CyborgPrime Games (coming soon).
  • 23 detailed areas for your characters to explore or call "home".
  • PERFECT for use with our Roll20 Module, The Relic (available on the Roll20 Marketplace).

 * The Roll20 Marketplace version of this title features Dynamic Lighting but has not yet been released.


Where To Find Starship Deck Plans

So now you are probably wondering how to get your own copy.

You can find starship deck plans here:

  1. In my store at
  2. Listed on
  3. Listed on the Roll20 Marketplace.


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What kinds of deck plans or blueprints would you like most to see me make for VTT like Roll20?

What types of items would you expect to find around a starship, starbase, or science installation?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy roleplaying, Travellers!


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