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Sci-fi RPG Stateroom Random Loot Generator

Sci-fi RPG Stateroom Random Loot Generator

The players have managed to pick the lock to the stateroom on the derelict ship.  What do they find inside?  Find out using my Sci-fi Stateroom Loot Generator!

Loot the Stateroom

Another Sci-fi Loot Generator

Ready to find out what's in the room?  Use the loot generator above to discover what can be found in random living quarters on a typical sci-fi RPG starship, mining facility, or starport.

What's in the room:


What Else Is There To Find?

What other kinds of things would you expect to find in a sci-fi living quarters?

Drop your suggestions in the comments area below and I may just add your suggestion to the generator!


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